Kochi: SDPI National president M.K. Faizy extended the party’s creative support towards a unified opposition for the existence of the country in the 2024 upcoming Parliament elections stating that all the communities and every single political party have to get prepared to defeat BJP in the Parliament election. He urged in a press meet held at Cochin after a Two-day National Working Committee meeting.

The whole Indian community have to get united and put a full stop to BJP’s divisive, hate politics through election. Common people are scared of the bad-governance of the BJP’s union government. There is absolutely zero security for the minorities and their belongings from a democratically elected government in India. The atrocities happening in Manipur against the Christian communities is the latest example of it. The so-called double engine BJP government seems inefficient to put on hold the riot. In fact, the riot is expanding to an intensive level.

By not inviting the President of the country for the grand opening of the Central Vista; the new Parliament house, the BJP exposed its ill manner. Further, choosing Savarkar’s birth day for the inauguration ceremony was also not accidental. Prosperity and progress of the country is not considered as election discussion matter but caste, religion, customs, lifestyle and food are. BJP intends to get benefit of above-mentioned communal matters for electoral victory. The time is up to realize this ill thought, urged Faizy.

National security is under threat under the BJP rule. Chinese invasion in Indian land is increasing day by day. BJP leaders are getting arrested for leaking sensitive internal confidential information of the country. Their pseudo nationalism is a used as a licence to betray the nation. The allegations and petitions of the top wrestling athletes against WFI head Brijbhushan Singh are shameful for the country and, it is unfortunate that the first protest outside the new parliament house is conducted by women of the nation demanding dignity and respect.