Bengaluru, 10 January 2016: The Women India Movement-WIM held its launching ceremony at Indian Social Institute-ISI Bangalore has been attended by women representatives from different states. 
The objective of the organization is to take action through grassroots activism to promote social, educational and political awareness among women, lead social change, eliminate discrimination, achieve equal representation and protect the rights and security of all women and girls in all aspects of social, political and economic life.
A national level committee of the organization has been elected for the term 2016-18 and this new leadership has been entrusted with the mission of empowering women by all means. 
SDPI National President A Sayeed in his speech said, it is the need of the hour that women have come up with such a strong platform wherein they owe to lead social change in the country. It is time that women come forward, stand up for their rights and empower themselves in order bring about a revolutionary and fundamental change in the society.  
While addressing the gathering, SDPI Founder President E Abubacker said, we do see a little India here as women from across the country are assembled here. This demonstrates their commitment on how serious are they about their empowerment. As we see that the fascist forces who got enthroned through the loopholes of our democracy are recklessly determined to exploit and enslave people by their agenda of hatred and communal terror. This enables us to step-up our democratic struggle to liberate our beloved country and I believe Women India Movement will play its vital role in achieving it, said Abubacker. 
The newly elected President Yasmin Farooqui said, the movement is meant to mobilize and utilize women’s potential for the development of the society. Women should be involved in community development services and spread the need of political awareness for the attainment of our rights and dignity. We resolve to prepare sisters to face and tackle grievous issues and challenges in the society like harassment, domestic violence, sexual assaults and such other atrocious problems, said Yasmin Farooqui. 
The Central Committee elected Office Bearers for the term 2016-18. Yasmin Farooqui from Jaipur has been elected as President, Sufiya Parveen from West Bengal as Vice President, Shahida Tasleem from M’lore as General Secretary, Sitara Begum from Kota Rajasthan, Adv Saira Banu from Tamil Nadu and Daisy Balasubramanyam from Kerala as Secretaries and Tarana Sharfuddin from Kanpur UP as Treasurer.
SDPI National Vice Presidents Samkutty Jacob, Prof. Naznin Begum and Adv. Sharfuddin Ahamad, National General Secretaries Elyas Muhammad Thumbe, Afsar Pasha, Mohammed Shafi, M.K. Faizy, National Coordinator of Women India Movement Abdul Majeed Faizy, All India Imams Council President Moulana Usman Baig and several other dignitaries were present on the occasion.