Voters teach lesson to BJP, Congress and JDS who betray the mandate: SDPI

Bengaluru, July 11: Elyas Muhammad Thumbe state president of Social Democratic Party of India-SDPI Karnataka state condemned the crooked politics in the state and said that the JDS Congress coalition government in Karnataka is desperately trying to save it’s regime and completely neglected the governance of the state. The legislatures of these two parties blackmailing the government for their selfish motives and ministerial posts. At the same time the state government is helplessly trying in vain to keep them in their control. He said the legislators elected by the voters have betrayed the people, fell in the trap of BJP, hiding in the resorts.

The state government has no time to think about the farmers who are struggling due to severe drought in the state and the administration come to a standstill now. There is no any guarantee about the legislators who claiming themselves as belongs from secular parties may fly into rightist BJP any time. Elyas Muhammad Thumbe said the voters shall teach a bitter lesson to these MLAs who throw away the welfare of the people for their selfish gains.

While Condemning BJP for trying to oust the state government, Elyas Thumbe said BJP is uprooting the very base of democracy by horse trading, enticement, resort blackmailing, etc. He said BJP cannot always cheat the people of Karnataka by stooping to lowest level for the sake of power. Earlier BJP while in power were in the news only because of huge scams, misuse of power and sexual scandals. He said it is unpardonable that the same BJP is now trying to grab the power by any illicit means.

Elyas Muhammad Thumbe call on the people of the state to unite and teach a bitter Lesson to those three parties in the election to save the democracy and to lead the state to progress