New Delhi, 18 August 2014
It is those forces who feel fear and jealousy on SDPI politics are creating misunderstanding on Party in singing Vande Mataram, says SDPI General Secretary in a press statement. He said SDPI is free from the agenda, whether the Vande Mataram has to be sung in school functions or not.
SDPI keeps the view that the official compulsion of such things, which hinder the interest of certain religious sections, are against the country’s secular perspective. The recent incident that took place in Kerala does not have a habit of either an official compulsion to sing Vande Mataram nor to reject it forcefully. In an unofficial discussion regarding Independence Day celebration, one of the parents who belong to SDPI just raised a question only that whether it is necessary to include Vande Mataram in the celebration? Due to some other reasons the school authorities have decided not to include it in the celebration. The school authorities have also stated and ascertained of no any pressure on their decision.
In a statement, Party’s National General Secretary Afsar Pasha cited that the incident was not a controversial issue among the media in Kerala, but certain racist forces thinking of the communal disturbances across the nation are responsible for the conspiracy and the country should reject it