Absence of opposition leader in the Loka Sabha fingerpoints to the failure of democracy in India, said A Sayeed National President, Social Democratic Party of India, here today. He was inaugurating the State Representative Council meeting of the party. This reveals the real picture of Indian politics. Communal-Caste-Capitalist politics is influencing India against the interest and pleasure of majority of its citizens. But none of the political parties is coming forward to stand by the side of people and defend this menace. Every party is directly or indirectly goes in favour of communal hate, casteism and corporate interests. The ruling party BJP and other parties inside or outside the ruling front represent identical political culture and strategy. Morally none of the political parties deserves the term opposition and it was proved in the election by the less number of seats they obtained. He asked the SDPI workers to replenish this vacuum being politically alert and spreading all over the nation upholding the political message the party represent.

Mr. Sayeed also mentioned that this is the day Narendra Modi Government completes 100 days of governance. What these 100 days have awarded to our Nation? Prices of essential commodities are on the hike. Joblessness and business recession still continue. There is no communal polarization in India. There exist the thrust of development only. BJP approached people with promise of economic development. People’s mandate is for economic raise, not for communal hatred. While the ruling party is facing defeat in the economic agenda, they are trying to shift in to communal agenda. The fake ‘love jihad’ campaign is the last example of their evil tactics. BJP is mocking Indians by their cheap propaganda, at this ‘historical junction’ they complete 100 days of ruling power, A Sayeed added.

State President Mohamed Shafi, National Vice-President Hafiz Manzoor, National General Secretary Abdul Majeed Faizy, National Working Committee Member Jasmine farooqi –etc. attended the meeting.