The killing of former MP Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf Ahmed(ex-MLA) under arrest raises questions of lawlessness and utter failure of the UP government. Similarly, the killing of Asad Ahmed, son Atiq Ahmed, and Ghulam Mohammed by Uttar Pradesh police has shaken the citizen’s faith in law and judiciary.
It needs to be fairly investigated as to how the shooters reached so close to kill the former MP and MLA while they happened under full escort of the police by a Judicial order. Impartial and credible probe is needed to know the conditions leading to a large number of police shoot-outs usual in UP as well as to bring it into public domain authorizing the police to kill Asad and Ghulam in an encounter exterminating them without a fair trial handing down instant punishment without proven guilty.
These killings in UP under stewardship of CM Yogi usually have been raised for a long many doubts and questions, said Adv. Sharfuddin Ahmad, national vice president of Social Democratic Party of India in a press statement.

Adv. Ahmad said that the killings by the encounters renders the courts and the judicial system meaningless. The police may not be allowed to act and to overexeceise as judge and executive in a democracy.

In view of media reports, public impressions are being gatherd that
Prima facie, the encounter looks fake and a planned political murder, while the video clips of Atiq Ahmed and his brother during assault and aftermath creating an aura of heroism by the killers indict nadir in the law and order situation in the state run under the BJP government being a glaring example of complete failure of the police, intelligence and the government particularly to ensure the saftey of the people arrested. There is dire need of thorough investigation investigated keeping in view of the facts that no police personnel sustained a grievous injury midst firings from the closest of the ranges as shown and no fire to prevent or neutralise the killers could be made allowing an heroic surrender of the culprits of henious crime of murder of Former MP and MLA.

It is in the utmost
interests of the Rule of Law in the state that the three allegedly- connected criminal incidents be clubbed together for the judicial enquiry including the murder of Umesh Pal,the encounter of Asad and Gulam and killings of former MP and MLA and be enquired through a high-level juidicial arrangements under exceptional monitoring in view of the future stakes in the Society.

The SDPI leader demanded a judicial inquiry into murders in police presence as well as extra-judicial killings of two persons by the police.