Union Budget proved its leniency towards crony capitalists and privatization : SDPI

M.K. Faizy, National President of Social Democratic Party of India commented on the Union Government Budget presented today and said the Central BJP Government has failed to focus on overall progress of the nation and imposed heavy burden on the common man especially on farmers. Imposition of cess on diesel and petrol will make the worse economic situation of the common man and especially the farmers. The Union budget has utter disregard on social sector as t no schemes and provisions for social upliftment and community development. Once again this budget proved that the Union government is more interested in privatization and leniency towards crony capitalists by offering educational and health sectors to the private sectors. Though a huge budget has been allotted to health sector, a major portion of the budget is provided to fight to pandemic. However, health infrastructures and schemes to rural areas has been neglected.Issued byMK FaizyNational PresidentSDPI