M N Academy grounds housed a great mass witnessing a public program organized by Social Democratic Party of India-SDPI West Bengal. The program was a part of a national campaign that the Party has conducted nationwide raising voice against the politics of terrorism being practiced by the governments as alleged by a former bureaucrat R V S Mani in his shocking revelations about the terrorism sponsored by State. Corner meetings, wall posters, handbill distribution, and public programs have been conducted during the campaign across the country for the purpose. Party’s National President A Sayeed & National General Secretary Afsar Pasha were present in the program and heads of various social organizations from West Bengal took part in it. SDPI state president Tayed-ul-Islam, general secretary Imtiaz Mulla, state committee member Ameena Khatoon, Swapan Kumar President of Dalit Muslim Association, Popular Front of India state president Obaidullah Noori too were seen on the dais.

Addressing the gathering A Sayeed said, politics of terrorism is an awful threat to the harmony of our nation. The Central and State governments are snatching away the rights of the people, the right to live, by engaging themselves in terror activities in order to strengthen the draconian laws POTA and UAPA. Although the involvement of Hindutwa terrorists in carrying out bomb explosions across the country killing scores of innocent has already been exposed but still the media mafia and biased police are continuing their tales of scourge by detaining, implicating and charging innocent Muslim youth. In many cases after long trials it has been proved that the arrested Muslim youth were innocent.

Party state president Tayed-ul-Islam said many districts in West Bengal are also making rounds in news about illegal arrests and false implication of many a Muslim youth in terror cases. The Hindutwas are busy committing the terror acts and the governments are busy imposing these cases onto the innocent Muslims thereby strengthening the radicals execute their agenda of bloodshed to mobilize vote-bank. He said the cadres of SDPI will continue the campaign of making people aware of the politics of terrorism by door-to-door visits to ensure that the people bump off the fear.

Swapan Kumar President of Dalit Muslim Association in his address stressed on the need of unification of Muslims and Dalits in order to curb the politics of terrorism.

Ameena Khatoon said the rise of turbulent violence against women is hazardous. She said SDPI Women’s Wing has been engaged in empowering women by all means.

The massive public program was organized on 12 Jan 2014 at Lalgola, Murshidabad. The other prominent dignitary who shared the dais was General Secretary of Dalit Muslim Friendship Association Professor Afsar Ali.