SDPI Kota submitted a memorandum with the Additional Deistrict Magistrate demanding immediate action against the culprits in the recent rape of a teen aged girl in Narayanpura village of Jhalwad District, the hometown of the current Chief Minister.

The memorandum condemned another incident wherein a adolescent girl was gangraped and brutally murdered.

The memorandum addressed to the chief minister condemned the absence of stringent law and order in the state. The Cadres of Social Democratic Party of India urged the government to ensure proper law and order in order and duly compensate the victims.

Talking about the promises made by the party regarding security of women in the recent elections, the Party activists demanded from the government that it should fullfil its promises and should take stringent action against the culprits and ascertain thorough measures towards the security of women and girl students in order to avoid such heinous untoward incidents.

The protesters called for adequate police security at various places like hospitals, girl schools and points wherein women move around. And they contended that the cases of rape be run in the fast track courts & sanction on the guilty with the severest of the punishments.