New Delhi 30 January 2015


The forces who conspired to eliminate Mahatma Gandhi continued the attempts starting from June 1934 to fatal assault on 30 January 1948. The frail body of the father of the nation was symbolic while the real target, the Gandhi Values as well as the ethos, moral and social being identified with and promoted by Mahatma Gandhi were the real target. Now, due to the default on the part of Gandhi followers and organized attempts by the followers of Godse, the cult of hate unabashedly being adopted to enlarge the cleavage among 4,632 communities and castes of India. Academic institutions and campus are being converted into laboratories to transform secular India into a theological state. The key posts are being filled boating out deserving incumbents with committed persons to the sectarian ideology.


The levers of the powers are being controlled by the nexus of corporate and communal mafia. The country is seized with the artificial issues of love jihad (nothing but a figment) stage-managed religious conversions, while trial deprivation, human rights violation, increasing corruption, communalism and sectarianism have become no issues to tackle with microscopic minority on the basis of the policy ‘Divide and Rule’ has been heading the nation to the dooms pitted the country between the forces of unification and division, because  Gandhi was a symbol of unification, is being challenged by the followers of Godse to destroy the secularism, communal harmony and principles of welfare state to and upkeep the value of unity in diversity. So it is incumbent to stand with Mahatma Gandhi and to condemn the sectarian ascendance, being cherished by the Godse followers to strengthen the religious tolerance, social harmony and integrity of India.

Killers of Gandhi didn’t remain silent after his brutal murder but continued the violence killing thousands and lakhs of Indians in riots engineered throughout the country and also demolished Babri Masjid, said SDPI Former President E Abubacker. He said, the BJP rose to power from the loop-holes of the so called democracy like that of Hitler and the political outfit is following the footsteps of Nazis. BJP doesn’t even want to have an opposition in the parliament.


SDPI unambiguously sides with secularism, parliamentary democracy, and federal system of governance. SDPI demands that hate campaigns, divisive tendencies, exploitative corporate and organizations damaging the secularism and democracy be curbed to respect the principles enshrined in the constitution of India, said General Secretary Afsar Pasha.

General Secretary Afsar Pasha addressing the gathering 

The party organized “Protest Day” on 30 Jan 2015 at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi and pledge that India will live with the values of Gandhi and defeat the gimmickry of the followers of Godse.