New Delhi 07 March 2016: Social Democratic Party of India-SDPI national president A Sayeed in a press statement called the nation to restrain from the tricks of the NDA government saying hysteria is being created on the issue of nationalism. All those who do not support the ideology of RSS are being branded anti national and the voice of dissent is being considered injurious to the nation. Shared ideology, not antagonism may be foundation of nationalism. Facts and events in history, not distortions and fantasies with wishful thinking under the spell of majoritarianism may be basis of national identity. The spirit of constitution is being subdued by the tenets of old social order of the country.
A Sayeed said, the speeches delivered at Mathura at Bharti Yuva Morcha congregation mocked at the opposite parties and created a paranoia of nationalism based on myths and fake legends. A peculiar concept of nationalism was hammered where dissent and disagreement has no place and the entire political opposition was called suspicious. Violence is being considered as the immediate solution of issues. BJP has launched an onslaught on secularism with full of its might in view of the head on response from campuses supposed by secular citizens known for their ideas, activism and clarity of mind. All the lumping elements indoctrinated by the Sangh have been let loose to create terror, spread lies and intimidate the dissent from various affiliates of RSS. Apart from the office bearers of RSS affiliates, even ministers are being plied to make hateful statements to create an atmosphere of fearfulness among the weak and vulnerable sections in the country. The voice of dissent is being propagated as voice of anti-national taking the support of a section of media.

Agra is a recent example where a person was attacked and in retaliation a killing happened. The individual and criminal incident was turned mischievously into a communal and collective assault and a public program was held to create multiplication of hatred and violence, like Smirti Irani permitted to speak lies in Parliament, her assistant Ram Shankar Katheria took lead at Agra to create new waves of hatred against Muslims warning them of finale battle generating an atmosphere of genocide in the presence of a Central Minister and a Member of Parliament where the government readily grants clean chit without any enquiry and investigation. Anant Kumar Hegde is emboldened to talk extreme dwarfing even Sakshi, Prachi, Yogi, Jyoti, Swamy and a large number of RSS moulded bigots, said A Sayeed.

The Party president said, campuses are being made targets to create a terror against freedom of expression by applying multiple means, HCU, JNU, AMU and JMI are first at the hit list. The allocated amount is denied to starve out the Centres of AMU to make it dance to the tunes of the Govt. The saffron agenda is being implemented by putting the heads at the higher institutions committed to the saffron ideology. The situation has reached a point that the rational elements even among the JNU’s ABVP have vociferously been raising voice against the evil designs. The student leadership is being persecuted for having disagreeing views, though the same opinion has been given by eminent personalities like Justice A.P Shah, Justice Ashok Ganguly and many others. The selective targets of high-handedness are Kanhaiya, Umar, Geelani, Richa, etc. to nip into the bud of spirit of democracy in the country.

He further said, Professor Jayati Ghost of JNU made a statement that it was IB men who shouted anti-national slogans for which the JNU leaders were put in to jail. It is worthy to note that police says that no evidence against Kanhaiya was found to prove the sedition. The videos are found to be doctored as per an enquiry. Umar Khalid, Anirban and Professor SAR Geelani are in to jail without on mere suspicion and without any credible evidence. The role of the police officers as BS Bassi Ex Police Commissioner and IG of Bastar S.R.P Kalluri casting aspersions on Soni Suri narrate the politicization of the mind-set of the police.

Sayeed came on heavily on BJP for launching the onslaught on the secularism and democracy with full might in view of the head-on response from campuses known for their ideas, activism and clarity. All the lumpen elements indoctrinated by Sangh have been let loose to create terror, to spread lies and intimidate the dissent. Not only office bearers of the BJP and other affiliates of RSS, even the ministers are being plied to make hateful statements. Shouting slogans like ‘Jay Sri Ram’, a Church at Kachna, Raipur was attacked, the police rather than providing respite, countered allegations blaming encroachment dispute.

He said, Social Democratic Party of India has recently concluded a month long campaign Against Communal Terror which left a wide impression on the psych of the country. The party is currently carrying on the campaign seeking justice to Rahith Vemula and holding protests in support of the fight of Kanhaiya Kumar. A Sayeed appealed to socio-political organizations and public at large to contribute to the campaign of SDPI to forge a spirit of partnership to face the challenges posed by fascist forces.