Secular Forces Shall Not Surrender – Tasleem Rehmani

Bangalore, Sept 1: BJP is threatening the secular leaders by misusing constitutional institutions. However, we shall never surrender, said Dr. Tasleem Ahmad Rehmani, National Secretary of Social Democratic Party of India.

He was speaking in a meeting with press persons in SDPI’s state headquarters. He said,‌ undeclared emergency is prevailing in the country. Therefore, former Home Minister P. Chidambaram has been pushed behind the bar by the CBI. The government is trying to threaten other leaders in the same manner. We need ideological struggle to suppress the menace of BJP and RSS and shall succeed in that fight. Otherwise disaster will not be far away, he warned the society.

He reiterted, BJPs vote bank politics dragging back the nation. People should come out from their comfort zone and raise their voice. If not, everyone will trap in the dragon net. He said, we shall create awareness among the people about the conspiracies knitted through draconian laws.

SDPI state president Elyas Muhammad Thumbe addressed the gathering and said, media should work on spreading spotlight on current scenario . He said, an effort from media to save the democracy of this country by disclosing the ugly faces of the governments which oppress the people in broad daylight.

SDPI state secretary Akram Hassan, Vice President Adv. Abdul Majeed Khan, Media coordinator Abrar Hassan and others were also present.