New Delhi 30 July 2015

The Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) has termed the hanging of 1993 Mumbai blasts convict Yaqub Memon as tragic. It seemed that the state was hell bent to execute Memon. However, the death penalty was not the answer to terrorism, and underlined that he was not the main accused, the party said.
SDPI national president A. Sayeed in a statement said that putting off Memon’s execution would have be a “fitting tribute to the humane legacy” of former President APJ Abdul Kalam, who had opposed the death penalty. It is a misguided attempt to prevent terrorism, and a disappointing use of the criminal justice system as a tool for retribution, he added.
Sayeed said that India has failed to bring to justice any of the key perpetrators of the 1993 bombings. What it has achieved, though, is to send a message that its great justice system hanged the one who came back and cooperated; that it is unforgiving and that reformation is not guaranteed to any fugitive who may be considering turning himself in.
He said that Yaqub was jailed for so long and thus there was no point in giving him capital punishment after so much delay. Now, the Government of India should focus on next bunch of criminal to expedite their cases. If hanging of Yaqub was necessary, but so it is for all other such cases as well. Selective procedurals being followed is what divides the nation, and leads to rift in the society
He wondered why this kind of determination is not seen in the Judiciary and with the President of India in the case of convicts who murdered the Prime Minister of this country by shattering his body into pieces?? And Jayalalitha is trying to release the convicts from the Jails? In such a country will the terrorists give any respect to the government?
There have been several riots against the Muslims since independence where thousands of Muslims have suffered. Did governments take any action to prosecute /imprisoned anyone in this crime? Is killing of Muslims is not terrorism only vice versa is terrorism, the statement said. There were riot in Mumbai in 1992 where more than one thousand Muslims were butchered by police and saffron terrorists as pointed out by Sree Krishna Commission where nearly one thousand Hindu fanatics were indicated. But no legal action or prosecution took place. This double standard will ever be a black mark on the face of this great country.