New Delhi:
The Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) organized a massive protest demonstration outside the Maharashtra Sadan, New Delhi and vehemently deplored the incident wherein Shiv Sena members of Parliament-MPs force-fed a Muslim catering supervisor while he was fasting in Ramadan in Maharashtra Sadan, has urged the Lok Sabha Speaker demanding an inquiry into the episode.
SDPI General Secretary Afsar Pasha in a statement said that the dignity of the house must be maintained and as such an inquiry must be ordered so that such wanton behavior is no longer repeated. The Speaker must take action against them, may be suspension for some time to straight the record and on the same time criminal case must be initiated.
Afsar Pasha described the unpleasant incidence as an attack on secularism and an insult to Indian culture and social tolerance. Shiv Sena MPs alleged act is unpardonable and uncultured. These MPs must be strictly punished. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi should take cognizance of the incident and take action to prove that Muslims in India are not in danger in his rule and every miscreant despite of his/her position and religion will be punished. He said that the Union home minister should ensure that a criminal case is lodged and the guilty are arrested. The Maharashtra resident commissioner should register a complaint against the MPs.
He wondered that if a law maker becomes law breaker and show such arrogance then what will the minion of Shiv Sena and such party will do. If this incident goes unpunished we may see many more such incidents and do not think that every time victim will be Muslim. It’s a fire which will engulf entire India and not Muslims alone.

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Pasha said that asking the miscreants just to apologise victim Arshad, whose religious sentiments were hurt, would not be sufficient and will not have salutary effect to stop recurrence of such incidence in future. The MPs should ensure they maintain a decent character in public life, which would keep their dignity intact in front of the masses. If the MPs had any complaints about the food, they should have either approached the IRCTC officials or the railway minister himself. There was no need for them to vent their anger on a catering employee.
He regretted that the incident has obstructed an individual’s right to practice his religion, which is guaranteed by the Indian Constitution. The incident puts religious freedom on the line, he added.
Pasha said that the Shiv Sena MPs who assaulted an employee should face the consequences. Muslim or non Muslim is a moot point. Even if the canteen manager was a Hindu and was not observing fast, the Sena MPs must be booked for the unruly behavior.
SDPI Delhi Pradesh president Advocate Aslam urged to government to take appropriate action on the MPs who played hooliganism in this bringing shame to the parliament house.