SDPI condoles the death of Mohamed Al Morsi paying him deep homage: MK Faizy

New Delhi 19 June 2019: Mr. MK Faizy, the national president, Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI) sincerely condoled the death and paid deep homage to Mohamed Morsi, who was illegally deposed from office of the president of Egypt by Army. His custodial death, has occurred in very suspicious circumstances. There are indications that he was not provided proper medication while in custody of military rule of dictator Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. He was in a real sense first democratically elected president of not only Egypt but from entire Arab World. He was removed by Army Chief, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in 2nd year of his election as the president and put in jail under fake charges for seven years sentences. For the last six years, he was put behind the bars while thousands of members, of Muslim Brotherhood (Al Ikhwan Al Muslimin) were done to death. Late Mohamed Morsi was a person of rarest qualities and high ideals. He was both a Hafiz of Quran as well as a Ph.D holder from USA. He was a down to earth politician directly connected to common people and also dedicated to the aim and objects of his organisation, Muslim Brotherhood.

SDPI considers that the over-throw of Late Morsi from the office of the president has happened as a nail on democracy in Egypt and other Arab countries where only dictators and autocrats largely rule the roost. Egypt has seen a democratic rule in atmosphere of Arab Spring which resulted Al Ikhwan Al Muslimin into power. But the Army of Egypt at behest of imperialist and Zionist powers undid the democratically elected Government. Mr. Mohamed Morsi died while he was made appear into illegally held proceedings in court. SDPI President M K Faizy also said that democracy and justice in and out of Egypt has suffered a great lose at the death of Mr. Mohammed Morsi.

Central Office-SDPI