SDPI: Arrest all accused of Gurgaon incident within two days

 New Delhi: The Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI), has vehemently condemned the incident wherein a Muslim family members in Dhamaspur village of Gurgaon were brutally thrashed and house vandalised by about 30 goons of nearby locality on the day of Holi festival (21st, March 2019). 

In this disgusting episode seven young persons of the Muslim family were injured seriously while one of them is in critical condition that had to be run from pillar to post for treatment by the relatives. At least five females of different ages from elders to small children even were not spared. 

The injuries of victims and condition of the damaged house in itself explain the brutal force used by the local goons to subjugate and terrify the family to the core along with suggestion of to “Go to Pakistan”. A FIR against unnamed attackers has been registered while in the video which has gone viral on social media the attackers can be identified easily. However, police has arrested only one person in the situation who can get the benefit of doubt from court for his acquittal.

 Meanwhile, Abdul Majeed, general secretary of SDPI, visited the family in their home to inter-act with the victims and take first hand report of the entire incident. He told the victims in presence of several other visitors that if after two days the Haryana police and administration failed to act appropriately, then the SDPI will meet higher authorities concerned to make sure the safety and security of the family and to arrest all the persons who are clearly identified from viral videos.

 The delegation observed that this is not any isolated incident but with patronage of Haryana BJP Government apart of campaign of terrorising people like Dalits, Weaker sections and particularly Muslims to get benefit of polarising Hindu votes and terrorising people. Dr. Tasleem Rehmani, National Secretary, along with Dr. M. Shamoon, Mohammad Ilias state committee members, Chand Mohammad and Aijaz Ahmed were also in the delegation.