New Delhi 01 Oct 2015
SDPI appalled at lynching of man on suspicion of slaughtering calf, consuming beef; Demands exemplary punishment to accused
The Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI), is appalled at the lynching of a man on mere suspicion of having slaughtered a calf and consuming beef by the goons of the Hindutva forces. If a mob claiming to be Hindu and killing a person for supposedly eating beef, then that is height of lunacy. They are criminals and deserve severe punishment befitting the crime.

SDPI national general secretary Afsar Pasha in a statement, while vehemently condemning the incident, called for the immediate arrests of the instigators, the rumourmongers, the miscreants & the politicians behind such incidents. They should be caught hold of and given the same treatment which these fringe elements meted out to the victim Mohammad Akhlaq in front of the Indian public and by the Indian Public. There are many a religious fanatics out here and there who doesn’t understand the message of peace being preached and propagated in most of the religious text. They try to twist the text to suit their twisted minds and psych, spewing venom by preaching hatred and religious intolerance through their comments and actions in the society they live in, thus poisoning the mind and thoughts of the Indian public.

Pasha said that Modi and RSS are 100 per cent responsible for nourishing an ambiance and climate of hate politics of poison and hatred. They have created an environment of intolerance, bigotry in the country. They have emboldened Hindu extremists to become overzealous and take law in their own hands. It is BJP agenda to incite communal tensions and violence leading to innocent killings on such issues. All this is to get Hindu majority votes in elections. It is a sad commentary on state of affairs that the members of the Muslim community in Bisada have reportedly alleged that the violence after the lynching of 58-year old Mohammad Akhlaq over rumours of eating beef was staged to polarise voters in upcoming local polls in Uttar Pradesh, he added.

He said that the incident is an extremely reprehensible and offensive set of actions. It is such a shame, that due to a few idiots, here and there emboldened by the political dispensation ruling at the Centre and in the large parts of the country, the whole context of tolerant Indian culture has fallen flat on its face. They have, thus, failed the secular fabric of Indian democracy, relishing the dreams of being a Ram-Rajya propagated by many a political class.

He lamented all this what these protagonists of a Hindu Rashtra have done is not for the sake of cow but for politics. They have done it for political benefits and for some other monetary gains which their political bosses will reap due to polarisation when electoral battle is fought. All those who murder an innocent person are not Hindus or true followers of Sanathan Dharma as they claimed but they are in fact bullying goons of politicians.

Pasha wondered as what else one can expect from a Prime Minister who acts on behalf of his masters (RSS/VHP). Ever since Modi became PM, such extremists acts are increasing day by day and he puts tape on his mouth and blindfolds himself each time such a situation arises. “If we continue to have such leadership and its mindset, I am afraid there would be anarchy all over India. While on the foreign soil the Prime Minister becomes very communicative, meeting every Tom, Dick and Henry and flooring them by his oratory skills. However, when in the country he becomes dumbstruck and maintains stoic studied silence when his intervention is much sought for in heart wrenching and explosive situations for cooling the tempers and make the anarchist see reason.

The statement said that it was not a mouse that the man could have slaughtered – in secrecy, without anyone noticing. A calf is a big animal and with 99% Hindu neighbourhood it was impossible for the Muslim man to do so. Why nobody noticed if/when he slaughtered? All the extremist mob who killed the man could find, was some meat in fridge. It is a known fact that in UK/US, most of Hindus enjoy eating “all” kinds of meat.

Pasha said what a travesty? BJP is equating this ghastly and barbaric act of killing Akhlaq as an act of excitement by innocent youths? Gujarat was a successful laboratory of polarisation created by Modi-Shah Module. Same experiment is performed in other states of India. It is most sickening to learn that reportedly priest in temple was forced by youth to announce on mike about beef eating in a house where the owner of the house is lynched. Which direction is our beloved nation heading because of action of fringe elements.