“Doctor Babasaheb Ambedkar Hospital rescue Campaign” run by SDPI Khadki Division Pune. On 20th March 2013 KCB president Brigadier and CEO laid a virtual siege about Hospital negligence and inconvenience related on different issues application has been given.

We also mentioned in the application that if we will not get satisfied answer till 30 March 2013 then we will go for Hunger Strike from 1st April 2013.

We have not received any positive response then SDPI’s Wasim Chaoudhri and Imtiyaz Inamdaar were sat on Hunger Strike. On 5th April we have discussed with KCB President Brigadier Balraj Singh and Brigadier P K Singh on the various issue and they are ready to support us and told us within 2-3 months all the facilities with ICU shall be provided.

Doctor Ashok discussed the same matter what the KCB President Brigadier Balraj Singh said infront of supporters of Hunger Strike. He broked the hunger Strike of Imtiyaz Inamdaar and Wasim Chaudhari with sip of fruit juice. At that moment citizen of different cast and religion where present. SDPI members celebrated with proclaiming the slogan of “SDPI Zindabaad”

Wasim Chaudhry, General Secretary of Khadki Division Pune, expressed his gratitude towards all citizens, parties, organizations, social workers and police & Administration for supporting success of Hunger Strike.