Revoke FIR Against SQR Ilyas – SDPI

“FIR against activist and Welfare Party of India national president SQR Ilyas is highly disgraceful and condemnable,” stated MK Faizy, national president of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI).

The Muslim witch-hunt that started since the anti-CAA/NRC/NPC protests is ongoing without any scruples. The lockdown has become a protective shield for the central RSS government to execute their fanatic agenda against Muslims and activists without facing any opposition. RSS and its associates are afraid of truth and they are in the process of suppressing the dissenting voices. SQR is not the last victim to be chased by the Sanghi government for dissent.

The allegation against SQR is that he made an “inflammatory” speech at Chandbagh. Inflammatory speeches were actually made by the BJP leaders during the Delhi state election campaigning, and it was those speeches that instigated violence in NE Delhi against Muslims. These hate-speakers are roaming scot-free with full government provided personal security, and cases are lodged against the victims who were fighting democratically for their citizenship in the country that they were born.

Delhi police reeks of the pre-independence British police. They have become mercenaries of the Sangh Parivar under Modi-Amit duo, and they are a stigma to the police force. They support and provide security to the perpetrators against Muslims and help them in looting and destroying Muslim properties. Delhi police is afraid of arresting the real culprits and they are behind the victims of Hindutwa bigotry.

MK Faizy urged the authorities to revoke FIR on SQR Ilyas in a fake case, and refrain from cowardly acts of invoking cases against activists and Muslims. He further asked the democratic and secular parties to come forward to protect the democratic rights of the citizens of the country, and to challenge the undemocratic acts of the RSS driven central government.