Retaliatory Measures of Central Government: SDPI will Send Letter to Political, Social and Voluntary Organizations

New Delhi: SDPI will send letter to political parties, civil rights and social organizations asking them to come forward with strong protest against the retaliatory measures that the BJP government is slapping on the innocents, stated MK Faizy, national president of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI). BJP government is avenging the severe criticism from the international community for its witch-hunt of religious minorities based on racial hatred. Sangh Parivar is propagating hatred and communalism even when the people around the world are awed with the corona fear. It’s the same government that let loose them, incarcerating students, media persons, civil rights and other activists invoking draconian laws alleging them to have led citizenship agitations. Modi government is detaining the citizens, exploiting the current situation of lockdown in which protests and gatherings are impossible. At the same time the Sangh Parivar that creates violence in the country by spreading hate-virus is left open unbridled.

As the arrests on anti-CAA agitations are ongoing, the Sangh Parivar leaders who called out for ethnic cleansing that resulted in the death of scores of people in places including Delhi, are rampaging with propagation of hatred on the streets and social media. This will cause to create graver social atmosphere in the country than that created by Corona. Therefore, political, social and civil rights movements in the county must stoutly come forward to end the retributive measures of the central government and rein the hate-mongering Hindutwa leaders, urged Faizy.