From Party’s National President A. Sayeed
Central Office, New Delhi

On this day, when India celebrates its 65th Republic Day anniversary, I extend warm greetings to all Indians living in India and all over the world. It is interesting to note that twenty sixth January has an important place in the history of the nation, even prior to independence, because it is the day when the ‘Purna Swaraj’ resolution was passed demanding complete independence from British rule in December 1929. There onwards the nationalists started to observe the day as fake independence day and accustomed to take a pledge on this day every year to carry on the freedom struggle till we attained it.

I really fear that whether the celebrations of this day is again going to be fake in the wake of undemocratic and anti-people policy of the government appearing in every section of governance. Ordinance Raj, Corporate Loot, Intelligence Rule and Communal uprising have damaged the democracy, sovereignty, economy justice and communal harmony of the country. Narendra Modi government has issued eight ordinances in 225 days at an average of one every 28 days, the worst of which being the Land Ordinance along with Coal, Mining and other Ordinances. The government does not hesitate to surpass the Parliamentary process in order to favour the corporate. The ‘Make In India’ policy introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is an open invitation for foreign companies to utilise the minerals, resources and cheap labour of our country to maximise their profits. The lack of a social mechanism to check the process of fixing the prices is damaging Indian market and our economy. The companies are thriving by raising prices of every product, leaving the common people to suffer.

UPA government has successfully handed over the batten of ‘Politics of Terrorism’ to the NDA government and the drama of terrorism continues in the form of Islamophobia and maoist nightmare. While the government resorts to dangerous tactics to strengthen their hands, the hope still remains that the people of the nation will restore strength, confidence and determination to defeat architects of the war against the people. BJP which came in to power under the slogan of development is now trying to tilt the Indian society with their communal designs. BJP leaders are competing each other in hate speeches. Their pressure tactics on religious minorities has reached at the level of giving away their beliefs. Compulsory conversion process is taking place in public in the name ‘Ghar Wapsi”.

We are going to remember the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, after four days, on the day of his martyrdom. It is shameful that there are fringe elements who adorn Nathuram Godse, his killer, as a national hero. Presently, Hindutwa extreme groups like Hindu Maha Sabha are trying to glorify Godse. They are planning to erect his statues in public places and build Mandirs in his name, ridiculing the basics of the nation. I take this opportunity to request all of you to be aware and alert of our responsibility to save the values of equality and diversity which would save India from the hands of messengers of hatred.