Republic day celebrated at SDPI Central Office. SDPI will strive hard until every class of society become equally liberated-Dr. Rehmani

New Delhi: 70th Republic day was celebrated with full enthusiasm at SDPI Central Office in New Delhi today. National flag was hoisted by its National Secretary Dr Tasleem Ahmed Rehmani this morning. He said the nation is proud of its constitution which is capable of carrying diverse faiths, believes, Religions traditions, cultural and linguistic entities under one constitution. India and its constitution is unique in this respect no other country of the world can match this distinguished feature of the Constitution. He said last 70 years has proved that this constitution can successfully carry all citizens together. Although we have seen 124 amendments in this constitution but these amendments further strengthen it. Dr Rehmani said we still have to see many provisions to be incorporated in the our law to see that every class of society Canada become equal and empowered to enjoy the fruit of our freedom and every kind of discrimination can be eradicated from the society. He expressed is anguish that even after 70 years most of our citizen is still living below poverty lines and unable to take part in the process of governance as the poor of poorest are unable to contest elections due to high security deposits for electioneering. He said there are some discrepancies still exists in the constitution which gives way to some evil narrow minded, hateful forces in the country to keep hatred among fellow citizens at the name of religion cast colour language and traditions. We need to further strengthen our constitution to eliminate this mindset from every corner of the country. He said SDPI is pledge to see every citizens to be equally respected, empowered and represented. Every worker and cadre of SDPI all across the country will continue striving hard to eradicate atmosphere of any kind of fear and liberate the country from hunger upholding the Social Democratic values and traditions enshrined in our constitution.
Mr. Abdul Waris another national secretary SDPI, Dr Shamoon Delhi State Committee Member SDPI, Mohammad Amir Delhi State Committee Member SDPI, Office staff and many others were present at this occasion.