New Delhi, 19th May 2021: Social Democratic Party of India National Vice President Advocate Sharfuddin Ahmad has strongly condemned the demolition of the century-old Barabanki Masjid, locally called as Gareeb Nawaz Masjid in Uttar Pradesh. The demolition is illegal and in violation of the directive of Allahabad high court, said Sharafuddin.

This is an open challenge to the authority of High Court and a direct assault on the rule of Law. It is now not restricted as a civil dispute between the district administration and the Sunni Central Waqf Board but has become a direct attack on the sanctity of the entire judicial system in a secular and democratic country. It remains to be seen whether the High Court would take suo motu action against the culprits who have glaringly acted with impunity or put themselves prone to contempt of court action, to wither the issue with the passage of time as had happened in the past when the majoritarian feelings were superimposed on law of the land strangulating the core of justice in the country and failing the entire system of hope.

Even when the country stands chilled with the catastrophic second wave of Corona spread that has already claimed the lives of seven legislators including 3 ministers in UP, the Sangh Parivar is still involved in instigating communal hatred and polarising the people on religious grounds. The demolition of Barabanki Masjid testifies this spreading of hatred which in India; especially in UP is scarier than the Covid pandemic.

Social Democratic Party of India strongly denounces the illegal act of the district administration, and the party will resort to all democratic means including legal fight to get the Masjid rebuilt and the offenders punished, stated Adv Sharafuddin.