Bangalore, June 14: Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) have organized the peoples political mass Grand Public Program and addressed by Dr.Mahboob Sharief Avad to the people, about political awareness and participation in governance and understanding its Importance.
In Independent India all democratic organization and others are ignored of basic facilities, due to the people’s ignorance and not having right knowledge of these facilities, today most of the people are such as dalits, Muslims, Christians and other backward communities are ignored of many basic facilities.
So Social Democratic Party of India’s organized peoples political Program; from Arabic College to the program venue at Govindpur (APJ Abdul Kalam Road). In which thousands of party cadres with State and District Leaders had participated.
Mr. Ilyas Mohammed Tumbe (National General Secretary) addressed to the public with deep regret that being optimistic with poverty and leading a poor life thinking it’s a part of faith is not right. And further addressed to the mass specially youth, women and labor class people about participating in Educational, social, economical and political Developments.
Mr. Abdul Majeed (State General Secretary) congratulated to the 21 councilors, cooperators, and recently elected Gram Panchayat 70 successful candidates and said that the people of Karnataka have lost trust in current political parties and they are in search of a party, which really work towards people’s development. Hence the people have shown trust in SDPI and the proof we have witnessed in the recently held election of Gram Panchayat in which many of them have marked their victory. Where in other parties are involved in Land Mafia, Liquor Mafia, Mining Mafia, Criminal activities, rowdism and other anti social Elements.
For Clean Politics and people’s Pro Politics people have chosen the “SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF INDIA”. In Last BBMP Election SDPI had fielded 11 candidates and in that 1 Candidate had successfully got elected and became a model Ward of BBMP. And are free from Bribe, carrying out infrastructural development, and have not left any unturned stone in over all development of the people. Local Business people are very peacefully doing their business and have built a confidence in the people. SDPI have always taken pro peoples agendas and worked towards it where as other political parties have taken agenda’s of elite people, Such as TATA, BIRLA and AMBANI etc., Though we get a least attention from media, people have shown trust in us and if we get such kind of support in future by the people, SDPI will work towards development of Common People, Minorities, Dalits and other backward People of this nation.
With presence of thousand of cadres and supporters from different wards of Bangalore city and witnessing their strong presence; Social Democratic Party of India’s vice President Shree Putnanjaiha has predicted bright future of the party and had promised to take other communities along without the bias of cast, creed, religion etc.
In this Program Mr. Shariff, Mr. Sheik Sirajuddin, Mr. Javed Azam sab, Mr.Nooruddin, Mr. Rashid Ali, Mr. Irfan Ibrahim and Mr. Mujahid etc were present and apart from these dignitaries, other office bearers from state and district