Opposition Mostly to blame For Modi’s Return to Power: SDPI
New Delhi 23 May 2019: Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) National President MK Faizy has said that the opposition parties are responsible for bringing Modi-led coalition back to power even after their five years of dismal fascist misrule. It is now clear why EVMs were moved out of the strong rooms in constituencies after the polling. During the last election too clear evidence had surfaced that NDA came to power by tampering EVMs. Yet the opposition parties failed to force the Election Commission prevent such happenings in this election. They only started voicing their concern when election was declared and failed to form a broad alliance by uniting anti-BJP parties. It was only yesterday that UPA initiated discussions with other parties for a ‘secular democratic front’.
But unfortunately this has their style of working for the past years. Even though it was evident that the note ban which had broken the back of the traders, farmers and labourers in the country was merely a trick for BJP to amass large amount of black money. There wasn’t even a single united protest on the part of the opposition against the note ban. This disarray continued even during the ill- advised implementation of GST Mr Faizy continued.
Most of the opposition was silent when Muslims were lynched in the name of cow and beef. They thought that by raising their voice they would alienate the Hindu votes. It is their silence over these issues that has finally dug their own grave.
Mr. Faizy hoped that this major setback would open the eyes of the leaders of Indian National Congress. Even though leaders like Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi have genuinely wanted to defeat BJP, it has not worked because of the rotten organisation of the party.
Indian society has a tradition of fighting and defeating mighty divisive forces. Throughout history there are examples of people defeating fascism and sectarianism. India is capable of confronting Sangh Parivar fascism. Faizy called on the people of India to identify their strength and come forward to fight fascism.
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