Retired Justice B G Kolse Patil on Tuesday came down heavily on the communal forces and said allege that both the centre and state were biased against the muslims, backward and weaker sections of the society. Patil was addressing a large gathering of people at a talk entitled “ RSS Mukt Bharat ” at Bandar Vastad Taleem near Shivaji Market in Pune Camp on Tuesday evening.The talk was organised by Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI).

Patil said that almost sixty percent of the country’s population comprised of muslims, dalits , tribals and other weaker sections . “ Despite an overwhelming population, the socio-economic condition of the group was below poverty line and dignity due to the biased treatment being meted out to them by the communal government ,” he added.

Patil who has taken the lead in forming an alliance of retired High Court and Supreme judges against the government’s persecution of minorities alleged that the saffron outfits were challenging the secular ethos of the country. The alliance named Desh Bachao Aghadi is reaching out to all secular minded organisations and has planned public rally at Shaniwarwada on October 4 which is likely to be attended by over a lakh people, Patil added.

Former Inspector General of Police (IG) and author of the book ‘ Who killed karkare ’ S M Mushrif on Tuesday stressed the need for saving the dalits, muslims, adivasis from the clutches of brahminists alleging that the brahminists were real terrorists of India. “ The brahminists first captured the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and started controlling the government and at the same time took over the media, a tool through which they started controlling and misleading the people. They planted false stories against the muslims in order to achieve control over the other non muslim sections of the society. Muslims in India are suffering due to Brahminist conspiracy and the citizens should awaken to the fact at the earliest ,” Mushrif added.

Amongst the others who spoke included SDPI State President Sadique Qureshi, MIM Western Maharashtra President Anjum Inamdar and Sikh activist Kavneet Singh.Workers of Popular Front of India (PFI) including its state president Mohammed Hanif Khan also participated in the programme.