DELHI: 06 Jan 2014
Social Democratic Party of India is not just a party but a political movement. The absolute misuse of literals ‘political power’ and ‘development’ are on the rise. Congress, BJP, SP, BSP and such other political parties are involved in practicing the ideology of terrorism in politics. Now the nation is in dire need of intellectuals from all walks of life to enter the political domain, in order to put an end to politics of terrorism. National President A Sayeed stated during his presidential address to a gathering of intellectuals belonging to the Muslim & Dalits communities. The program was a discussion on the theme “Politics of Terrorism”. He said the polarization of vote bank is the main agenda behind such terrific politics being practiced by the main stream political outfits. The lives of young Muslim youth are destroyed by implicating them in false terror cases. It’s high time that the intellectuals of the society together should launch another movement in order to end the ‘Politics of Terrorism’, in a similar way as our elders had waged a war against the foreign rulers for the nation’s freedom struggle.
SDPI National General Secretary Advocate Sharfuddin said Social Democratic Party of India is a national party. The party practices pure internal democracy to elect its working committee at all levels across the country, duties of which last for just 2 years and never permanent.
Social activist Advocate Shahid Ali in his address to the gathering said India is aggressing towards a state of hazardous affairs. A particular community is being targeted and vexed ceaselessly. He lamented that the Central Government’s move in withdrawing Arabic and Persian from the UPSC examinations is highly deplorable. He said, it’s certainly a loss to the Muslim community. And a heap of other affairs of governments towards the minorities in general and Muslims in particular demonstrate the governments’ double standards.
Mool Chand, a senior leader of BAMCEF said the miserable situation created by the governments nowadays was not even seen during the British rule before the independence era. We should take practical steps in unifying the diverse communities under a common platform to strengthen the true spirit of secularism and democracy.
Master Yadav uttered that terrorism is what the major political parties are practicing by means of creating disturbance, engage communal riots, implicating innocent Muslims in false terror charges, etc. He said oppression and injustice confronted to the victims lead towards the birth of naxals and terrorists.
Ramanuj Patel of Backward Andolan said the establishing of justice would certainly pave way to a terror free harmonious society.
The other famous personalities who shared their thoughts were Research Scholar Obaidullah Nadvi, Dr. Rahul of BAMCEF, Arun Chowdhary of BSM-Bahujan Samaj Mission, Social Activist Advocate Shahid Ali. Heads of organizations who participated in the program were Serving Human Foundation, Qalam Se & INSAF. SDPI National VP Hafiz Manzoor Ali Khan presided over the program and vote of thanks as delivered by National General Secretary Afsar Pasha.