Burqa & Madrasa Ban in Srilanka is Denial of Fundamental Rights.

Srilankan Government’s ban on Burqa and 1000 Madrasa is a sheer act of desperation to harass and target the Muslim community in that country. Social Democratic Party of India National Vice President Sheikh Dahlan Baqavi said this move of Srilankan Government is nothing but denial of fundamental rights of Muslims. Every religious community has the rights to follow their customs and to run its religious institutions. Baqavi said, it is the duty of every government to protect the rights and dignity of its own citizen. Denial of fundamental rights is denial of freedom and justice. Srilankan government has a notorious record of burning the dead bodies of Muslim and Christian Covid victims. No country in the world except Sri Lanka had burnt the dead bodies of Covid victims under the pretext and fear of Covid pandemic. Despite continuous appeal from Muslim community in Srilanka the government didn’t heed to their request but only from international pressure it has given up the measure of burning the Covid victims. Sri Lankan government must be aware that it’s policy of religious discrimination and injustice to Muslim community will bring a tainted scar on its repute and growth.Baqavi said SDPI urges the Sri Lankan government to withdraw the ban on Burqa and Madrasa and protect the fundamental rights of it’s citizen.