New Delhi, 17th Feb 2021: The UP police under the behest of vested interests of UP BJP government arrested two Popular Front activists Arshad and Firoze for fabricated and concocted reason. Social Democratic Party of India express its deep anguish over this nefarious and undemocratic action of UP Police. These two activists who went to West Bengal and Bihar for organizational work were returning to their native place in Kerala. They have been illegally taken into custody by the UP STF on 11th Feb 2021 on the way in unknown railway station in UP and produced before magistrate on 16th Feb 2021. SDPI National Vice President Adv. Sharfuddeen Ahmed condemned this illegal and evil act of UP police. Yogi Adityanath led BJP government has been frustratingly trying to suppress Popular Front of India in UP which is evident in previous instances by fixing many fabricated cases on it. It’s also evident that the Yogi government is notorious in fixing false cases on social and human rights activists and those who dissent over BJP government’s authoritarian and anarchic rule. SDPI National Vice President Adv. Sharfuddeen Ahmed said that this is one of calculated and systematic designs of UP BJP government to instil fear in the minds of people to stay away from dissenting and organizing the people for democratic, secular and social cause. The BJP government in the Centre and states are on the spree of targeting social and human rights activists across the nation by arresting them in fictitious and ridiculous sedition cases and so-called security threat reasons. He said, in fact the BJP RSS nexus is exterminating the democracy and secular fabric of the nation which is a real threat to the nations integrity and to national security.Sharfuddeen Ahmed said, the struggle against unjust and dictatorial forces cannot be suppressed by any kind of torture and intimidation.