MUMBAI: 02 Feb 2014
65 years of Independent India has witnessed that the Congress and the so-called political parties have continuously been exploiting Muslims. The BJP and some other shadowy saffron political outfits have doused the nation into the hell fire of sectarianism and the result is that about 85% of the population is deprived of the basic amenities for their livelihood. To ponder upon & address effective solutions to such critical issues, Chief Convener of All India Muslim Mahaz Ismail Batliwala organized a meeting at Majgaon, Mumbai and it was presided over by the SDPI National Vice President Hafiz Manzoor Ali Khan. Finding it the need of the hour, the leaders of secular political parties after holding discussions have decided to form a strong political base of united Muslims, Dalits and backward classes.
The parties & the representatives in the meeting:
Awami Vikas Party, Shamsheer Khan Pathan
SDPI-Social Democratic Party of India, Hafiz Manzoor Ali Khan National Vice President
Lok Hind Gharib Nawaz Party, Badi-ul-Zamaan
AIUDF-All India United Democratic Front, Qazi Yasser Siddiqui
WPI-Welfare Party of India, Dr. Siraj Usman
Democratic Party, Tasleem Abdul Kalaam Khan
Peace Party, Abdul Rehman Chowdhary
Rashtriya Ulema Council, Nooruddin Aftab Syed
All India Muslim OBC Organization, Abdul Hameed Goga
The leaders of the political parties have expressed consent to form a common platform in order to contest the upcoming Lok Sabha 2014 elections. After the discourse concerning the socio-economic and political plight of Muslims the participants talked about the calls from Muslim circles that if secular minded political parties unite then the community too would definitely unite. Now in order to address the demand of Muslims, 9 political parties have agreed to join hands and form a common platform and the efforts are on to bring parties of Dalits and Marathas under the ambit of this combined platform which could address itself to be the alternate to Congress and BJP.
Addressing the press persons, the convener of AIMM Ismail Batliwala said Muslims have been systematically deprived of their share in politics but now that with the united efforts we can truly make a way into the legislature houses for strong Muslim leadership. Shamsheer Khan Pathan of Awami Vikas Party said the need of such a political platform has been felt for a very long time but now it has been turned into a reality that 9 different political parties from different parts of the nation have joined hands forming the All India Muslim Mahaz. He called up the participants to exert efforts to get more political parties be a part of this platform and strengthen it. All the participants urged all weaker sections to join hands, unite and strengthen the platform in order get the proportionate share in politics.
The convener scheduled a meeting on 9 Feb 2014 with an agenda of discussing and finalizing a strategy for the upcoming Lok Sabha election and a name for the platform too would be devised.