New Delhi 15 Feb 2016: SDPI has presented a Memorandum to the President of India demanding a thorough investigation into the reigning controversy branding the HCU and JNU as Centers of anti-national activities and targeting the students having dissenting voice in false cases of sedition to divert the attention of the country from real issues.
SDPI took strong offence against the statement made in a hurry by the Home Minister Rajnath Singh casting aspersions upon the integrity and patriotism of the students of JNU, who have been fighting in a democratic way against the denial of justice. SDPI demands that after the opinion expressed by the Home Minister, it is incumbent that the issue must be thoroughly investigated either by a joint parliamentary committee or a judicial commission headed by sitting judge of Hon’ble Supreme Court, so that the country may be saved from the constitutional crisis.

Adv Sharfuddin Ahmad said, Home Minister Rajnath Singh teaching the country ‘to understand the reality’ connecting the democratic agitation as anti-national and at the instance of the enemies of the country in JNU on the basis of an alleged tweet on behalf of Hafiz Saeed justifying the arrest of the President of JNUSU Kanhaiya Kumar, is of grave concern and need further investigation. It has been reported that the tweet on which the statement of Home Minister is based is fake and manufactured with ill-intention to support the charge under which drastic and unproportionate action was taken by the police at the instance of Home Minister curtailing the civil rights and suppressing the civil liberties, guaranteed under the Constitution of India.

Since the formation of the NDA Govt., the country has been facing fake controversies based on manufactured issues to subjugate the democratic attitude and ethos. The leaders of RSS, VHP & BJP have been drumming up false issues as love Jihad, Ghar Wapsi, etc. to widen the communal cleavage and promote the mindset of hatred and intolerance. HRD Minister Smriti Irani called a press conference to impress the country that Rohit Vemula was not a Dalit and whole of the intelligence machinery was deployed to make the untruth true. It is to be noted that the Home Minister Rajnath Singh made a statement in hurry on the basis of a fake tweet connecting the activities of JNU with Hafiz Saeed of Pakistan only to convince the country that the arrest and the filing of the cases against the students of JNU are acts of unpatriotic and anti-nationalistic. The genesis of statement of the Home Minister has been exposed by media investigation and this also requires a deep investigation of the whole issue (from the charges thrust upon HCU to JNU). The charge of the treason and sedition have been imposed with a view of character-assassination of the students who have a deep democratic understanding and sense of duties in a democratic polity. The students’ leaders and political activists who have been vanguard against the RSS ideology are being targeted illegally by invoking the laws pertaining to sedition.

The NDA Govt. has been sensationalizing the country by concocting issues and now a constitutional crisis is being developed. There is a high increase in communal mindset. The caste terror is being promoted where the children of Dalits are being set afire. The statement of Home Minister in such a situation is only a symptom of the dangerous mindset as well as an indication of the future, the country is heading to face where the democracy of the country is itself at stake.

So, the scale of the challenge demands that all the secular forces should come together to fight out and save the secularism and democracy of the country by formulating united actions