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Social Democratic Party of India is a peoples’ movement striving to bring back our country to its basic principles like democracy, secularism and human equality. The party was formed in 2009 as a positive alternative to the negative politics hitherto practiced by backward castes and minority communities. The party has given the message of political empowerment to the marginalized sections of people mainly comprised of the poor, the farmers, the labours, adivasis, dalits and muslims.  The party has got a tidy structure spread over in major states of India with state committees in 13 states and branches in other 3 states. SDPI has contested elections in local bodies as well as legislative assemblies in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Bihar, West Bengal and Manipur. The party is now all set to contest the forthcoming Lok Sabha election in selected places.

It is a fact beyond doubt that our nation is now in search of a political alternative which upholds sovereignty of the country and values the spirit of secularism, democracy and equality.

Though secularism is preached by almost all the political parties in our country, communalism has strengthened its influence in all the folders of social life. Violent fascist groups are flourishing. Hindutwa parties win election upholding the message of anti-Muslim hatred and economic development simultaneously. The government machinery also is communalized as revealed in many fake encounter killings.

People’s money amounting to millions of crores of rupees is looted by politicians, officials and their men by way of corruption or scams like Bofors, 2G Spectrum, Common Wealth Games, allocation of mining fields, cattle fodder, Aadarsh flats, etc. Even the military and judiciary are not free from corruption.

SDPI is committed to strive for transforming India into a Welfare State. It is working hard to bring back our nation to the constitutional principle that upholds the welfare of the people as its goal.

The party meets its day to day expenses by means of funds collected from members and cadres, as membership fee and cadre fee. But it is not enough to survive in the middle of big budgeted political giants. We are now compelled to stretch our hands before the common mass of the country. Please help us and take part in this historical movement.