Social Democratic Party of India is a peoples’ movement striving to bring back our country to its basic principles of democracy, secularism and human equality. The party was formed in 2009 as a positive alternative against the negative politics hitherto practiced by so called secular parties. The party has given the message of political empowerment to the marginalized sections of people mainly comprised of the poor, farmers, laborers, Adivasis, Dalits and Muslims.  The party has got a tidy structure spread over in major states of India with committees in many states. SDPI has contested elections & have representatives in many local bodies of Panchayats, Municipal Councils and Corporations in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, West Bengal and Rajasthan.

It is a fact beyond doubt that our nation is now in search of a political alternative which upholds sovereignty of the country and values the spirit of secularism, democracy and equality.

Though secularism is preached by almost all the political parties, but practiced by none. Violent fascist groups are flourishing; Hindutwa parties are winning elections upholding the message of anti-Muslim hatred and economic development simultaneously. The government machinery also is communalized as revealed in many fake encounter killings and arresting innocents by implicating them in false terror cases.

People’s money amounting to millions of crores of rupees is been looted by politicians, officials and their men by way of corruption or scams. Even the military and judiciary are not free from corruption.

SDPI is committed to strive for transforming India into a Welfare State. It is working hard to bring back our nation to the constitutional principle that upholds the welfare of the people as its development. SDPI is gradually increasing its presence and presently working across the country through both agitative and electoral politics for the rights of the common people with lakhs of cadres and members.


Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) was formed and declared on 21st June 2009 at New Delhi, as a presentation of a new political vision for the people of India. Its aim is to build an India of equal rights for all by empowering people politically. SDPI is gradually increasing its presence and presently working across the country through both agitative and electoral politics for the rights of the common people with lakhs of cadres and members across the country.

Positive Politics

For long years in India, Muslims, Dalits, Adivasees –etc are ruled communities – not ruling communities. Therefore these communities have fallen in to social slavery. Communal and caste discrimination prevailing in the country prompted the ruling class for discrimination. At the time independence Muslims in India were high in social, educational and economic level. In the independent India Muslims are deprived of essential living amenities like electricity, roads, drinking water, primary health care and also primary education. This is the methodology adopted for treading down Muslim community, in addition to continues attacks on their life and livelihoods.  They are denied of legal protection also. All the political parties, who have exercised power in the centre or states have taken part in this anti-Muslim program. Muslim situations is deteriorated in all the states were they have no direct participation in politics.

Nobody can escape from the hands of ruling powers. Each and every branch of life – no matter whether it is small or big- is controlled by ruling houses. For example:

  • Education policy
  • Economy and Business policy
  • Safety and Security of people
  • Freedom of culture and religion
  • National security
  • Energy- electricity-oil
  • Agriculture
  • Roads and transports
  • Water management

If important matters like these are not managed and distributed justly with equal consideration it will damage the whole country. Of late, there is an aversion towards politics among people, for the reason the field is dominated by double faced criminal type of people. This aversion will further damage the situation. The ill-willed who dominate politics are not worried about the welfare of people. Even the freedom and sovereignty of the country is not a problem for them. They are ready to sale the country for self-motives.

There is a continuing trend among main political parties in India to persuade Muslim votes upholding BJP or other communal fascist parties as an enemy of the community. Of course they are enemies, but others also do not show much difference. SDPI will work for the political empowerment of the victimized communities, without consideration to the political imbalance it may cause in the initial stage. We will no longer allow congress or other so called secular parties to exploit Muslims under the threat of BJP. SDPI is bound to bring back the fundamental principles of the nation – Secularism, Democracy and Economic Justice. Our intention is to build up a political network all over in India, with Muslims, Dalits, Adivasis and other downtrodden communities its main beneficiaries. Our Aim is to establish an economy policy which gives preference to welfare of people. We stand for eco-friendly development. We stress government control over essential areas of life like education, health care, roads, transports, electricity, energy, oil prices, water management, etc.