New Delhi, 14 August 2017: A. Sayeed, National President of Social Democratic Party of India said in a press statement that UP Government is sole responsible for the death of more than 70 children in BRDM hospital Gorakhpur and it is unpardonable. He said that the negligence and recklessness from the part of UP BJP government and from the Hospital administration took invaluable lives of 63 children engulfing deep sorrow to not only the families of children but also entire nation. SDPI mourn on this tragedy and express its deep condolence to the families of the victims. Sayeed said, whoever responsible for this tragedy irrespective of their status and level either in Government and in bureaucracy or in public sector should be stringently punished.

Sayeed said that our nation is in news constantly these years for bad reasons like lynching, communal violence, hate speeches, communal politics, corruption, poverty etc. and this ghastly incident of children’s death brought further shame to our country.  It is evident that the governments are not at all concerned about the lives and welfare of common people, but only indulged in vote politics and corporate interests.  Instead of reacting responsibly the ministers and bureaucrats are issuing mere loose statements only to escape from the wrath of public. Sayeed reiterated that all such trend will certainly ruin our nation and will bring deep shame and insult to our country.