Triple Talaq – Interpretations lead to unnecessary suspicions: A. Sayeed

New Delhi 23 August 2017:  Social Democratic Party of India National President A Sayeed said in a press statement that interpreting and connecting the verdict of Supreme Court regarding Triple Talaq to Uniform Civil Code is malicious in nature which creates unnecessary suspicions among the Muslim community. This verdict, in anyway, does not connect to execution of Uniform Civil Code.  This verdict is a decision to sort out the lapses observed by the court in implementing Muslim Sharia laws.

Sayeed reiterates that the PM Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah who claim that they will hold up this verdict as a step to protect Muslim women, are now liable to clarify as from when onwards they have started thinking about protecting Muslim women. RSS and BJP have created a terrifying situation in the country to such an extent that the Muslim women are now urging to provide them arms to protect their families in the present context where Muslims are being lynched and targeted barbarically in the country. Sayeed said he is hopeful that the people who welcome this verdict will take this as grievous and will resolve their issues within themselves by never giving any opportunity to the enemies of the community to overrun.