05 Nov New Delhi: National General Secretary of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) Elyas Muhammad Thumbe condemns the impositon of 24 hours ban on NDTV by the BJP central government and expressed his angst over the fate of freedom of expression and democracy in the country. An undeclared Emergency is prevailing in the country which recollects the ‘dark age’ of emergency of1975. He said the country is reeling now towards a disastrous situation by the the central governments anti people, anti democratic and communal move and policies.

Right from the day of assuming the office, the BJP Government in the center has been curbing the voice of dissent and thoughts of the people by various oppressive means. It has misused the law of the lands by implicating false sedition and anti- national cases on innocents, minorities and activists. Cases on  Teesta setalvad, Dr. Zakir Naik, Green Peace, NDTV etc are the examples.

Elyas Muhammad reiterated that now the ban on NDTV is nothing but decimating the minds and thoughts of opponents of disastrous communal agendas of RSS and its all other outfits including BJP.

SDPI stands with NDTV and supports its dare and valorous aspects in the real and factual journalism which is very essential for the welfare of the country and humanity.