New Delhi 2 March 2017: Social Democratic Party of India National President A. Sayeed said in his statement that the announcement by the Petroleum Ministry of the Central Government, the hike in price of the non-subsidized cooking gas (LPG) by a steep Rs. 86/- per cylinder is condemnable. He stated, this is a steepest hike in Indian history, now costing a LPG cylinder of Rs.737.50 which will impact the common man, particularly the poor and middle class household would be pushed into difficulty and heavy burden.

Sayeed strongly disapproved of the regular price hike of essential household and edible commodities including that of food grains which have rocketed to the sky under the Modi led NDA government since it took our the Centre Stage. This has severely hit the poor and middle-class people. Sayeed lamented that, instead of providing the household commodities at controlled and reasonable prices, all the central government is hiking the prices and ensuring that the benefit reaches the rich and the corporate.

Sayeed ridiculed the absolute failure of the BJP government and said the election promises of BJP like cheaper prices, etc. are proving to be a joke as the prices of all the essential commodities are unprecedentedly increasing higher than ever.