SDPI slams CBI raids on NDTV channel

New Delhi, 08 June 2017: The Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) has slammed the CBI raids on the promoters of NDTV channel calling it an attempt to muzzle the freedom of Press. The frustration of the Modi Government on the issue of cow, mandir, demonetization, lawlessness in Uttar Pradesh and drop in GDP is threatening to take its toll and the government of the day thereby seems to be going berserk.

SDPI national president A. Sayeed in a statement said it is vendetta politics and the government of the day wants to choke the voices of particular media houses, because it is critical of the government policies, actions and inefficiencies. NDTV is not toeing the government line like most other corporate media houses. The most others are just like cheer-leaders of mendacious media wraparound hawkish majoritarian outfit. They are projecting themselves ‘more loyal than a king’ and their major topics of news and discussions would have put in shame to even to the govt. own media/channel also. So, that is why all these selective raids in order to muzzle the media, he added.

A Sayeed, National President SDPI

The BJP/RSS/Modi Govt, Sayeed opined, is a bunch of cowards and bullies, just like their henchmen in Gauraksha gangs. It’s not expected of them to confess that they are indulging in witch-hunting but the facts speak from themselves. The NY Times has the other day observed the repeated instances of this NDA Govt. denying access to media which are independent. NDTV is the only balanced, independent, accurate and fair TV channel. What with failure in all fronts – economy refusing to take off, demonetization farce, zero achievement in international relations, declining social cohesion and equanimity, continuing J & K unrest, cow slaughter and market regulation fiasco, exposure of unabashed money power in Goa and Manipur, the ruling party is nervous about independent media and is out to suppress them using a lousy CBI which has no backbone or professional competence.

Sayeed said an undeclared emergency and dictatorship seems to be prevailing in the country. The ruling party is digging its own grave as every fascist regime digs its own grave. History is replete with examples. Narendra Modi is nothing new. Earlier there was an ambiguity in the mind of public relating to CBI’s role as an independent organization. However, it has always been long arm of not law but of Government. It must be noted that CBI is meant for matter of serious crime and intelligence and not as a vendetta tool to be let loose to scare business and corporate.

The statement stated that India is not as bad as China, but things aren’t that great here either. In fact, as a democracy, we should be ashamed of the levels of press freedom here. The “Reporters Without Borders” for Freedom of Information, has ranked India 136 in 2017 in terms of press freedom out of 190 countries. Palestine came in at 135 and it is not exactly the example of a vibrant multicultural democracy. It’s a war zone. Afghanistan a state that is under a Taliban insurgency stands at 120. Oman, Qatar, Gulf countries with near absolute monarchies also out ranks the world’s largest democracy when it comes to freedom of press.

He said the slide towards total tyranny was initiated 3 years ago and it is gaining pace now. Those who applaud this attack on NDTV will do well to realise that once these freedoms (such as the freedom to be an independent voice) are lost, it is very unlikely to come back. This kind of media muzzle and troll anyone who has a different opinion has to stop. And all this in the name of national interest! Samuel Johnson, the well-known English writer, had once said patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrel, he pointed out.

The supposed affected party ICICI Bank itself isn’t bothered about the fraud as alleged by the fascist regime. Furthermore, ICICI Bank itself has not filed any complaint. When the bank itself has no grievance and the loan has been repaid (NDTV has uploaded the acknowledgement letter from ICICI Bank) then what is causing the CBI to run around? Sayeed questioned.

CBI raid on Prannoy Roy is a clear message to media that if you sing “मोदी चालीसा” (Modi Chaleesa) 24×7 then you’ll be rewarded otherwise face the CBI music. The moral of the story: Throw half volleys and full toss at inept BJP spokespersons in Television debates lest the “Caged Parrot” is unleashed on you?