SDPI demands MP CM to quit following farmers death in police firing

New Delhi, 09 June 2017: The Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) has demanded the resignation of the BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan forthwith following loss of six precious lives of farmers in police firing. The ongoing farmers’ agitation is for loan waiver in the state which is escalating and showing no signs of abating. The BJP Govt. has turned MP into a police state, by reportedly deploying over 100000 police and paramilitary forces in the affected areas.

SDPI national president A. Sayeed in a statement said that Chief Minister Chouhan’s mishandling of the situation has claimed six lives of farmers in police firing in Mandsaur district of the state. The policemen who killed the farmers in Madhya Pradesh should be declared terrorists and arrested while the Chief Minister should immediately resign! It is unfortunate that following this tragedy the farmers have gone on rampage and indulged in large scale arson and rioting to express their ire which has resulted in loss of more than Rs.400 crores of properties.

A Sayeed, SDPI National President

Sayeed said that Chouhan has tom-tommed about farm sector success claiming five national Agriculture awards namely “Krishi Karman” awards, ignoring farmers crying hoarse over poor remunerative prices for their crop and increasing stranglehold of commission agents. Farmers are angry because the government neither made arrangements to procure the crop on time nor intervened to ensure a reasonable price. They threw onions on roads given the prices of the vegetables plummeted to as low as Re 1 to Rs.2 per kg in certain markets, especially in the Malwa region, last year. This year too, farmers had to sell their winter crop — tomato and potato — at throwaway prices, bearing heavy loss.

Sayeed pointed out that about one-tenth of the farmer suicides in the past 16 years in Madhya Pradesh took place in a year, between February 2016 and 2017, telling a distressing story about farm despair in the state where agriculture growth had clocked 20  per cent since 2014-15. The distress is visible in the suicide numbers of farmers. From February 2016 to mid-February 2017, 1,982 farmers and farm labourers reportedly committed suicide, which was one-fifth of the total suicides in the state, where 21,000 farmers have taken their lives in 16 years. The National Crime Records Bureau attributed the reasons to crop failure, failure to sell produce, inability to repay loans, and other non-agriculture factors such as poverty and property disputes.

He said that BJP has opened Pandora box by declaring farmer’s loan waiver to UP farmers before UP assembly elections without considering pros and cons of this decision which has now spread violence all over the country. This is wrong precedent set up by BJP leaders to win UP assembly elections which will have serious implications in future such as Banks cannot recover loans given to farmers since people will wait for waiver of loan till elections which has very serious implications in future resulted in huge increase of bad debts of banks which forces banks to stop all loans to farmers. The govt. must find out permanent solution to the problems of farmers by setting up agriculture markets in subdivisions and districts which will eliminate middle man.