New Delhi, 14 Nov 2016: In a press statement, while condemning the improper and tactless execution of demonetization by the Narendra Modi lead NDA Government, SDPI National Gen. Secretary Elyas Muhammad Thumbe said, demonetization has become a menace in the country due to mindless and ruthless implementation by the central government without proper and suitable arrangements impacting deep distress and anxiety to the common people. He said, SDPI will conduct widespread agitations in the country to protest the brutal ‘surgical strikes’ on common people of the country. The PM and Finance Minister, instead of accepting their blunder and to hasten to resolve the troubles being faced by the people, are only praising themselves with metaphorical rhetoric.

Elyas Muhammad said, Social Democratic Party of India will conduct widespread protests, agitations, picketing, marches, silent demonstration, etc. against the anti-people moves and policies of the NDA government.

He further said, SDPI will put the followings demands before the government:

  1. Extend the Date of validity of big currencies up to Dec 31, 2016
  2. Immediate availability of sufficient currencies in banks and ATMs
  3. Extension of currency exchange limits and withdrawal limits.
  4. Take steps to bring back the black money stashed in Swiss and other countries.
  5. Speedy disposal of corruption cases in the country.