Date: 23 Nov 2016

Resolutions passed in the Party’s National Working Committee (NWC) Meeting held on 23 Nov 2016 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu


  1. Loan written off is shocking

The BJP lead NDA government seems to be in a strategy of serving shocking treatment to the common citizen of the country. It is shocking to hear that State Bank of India has dropped the money worth about Rs 7,016 crore of mostly willfully defaulted, into a specially created dustbin for ‘toxic loans’ called Advance Under Collection Account (AUCA), technically known as a write-off. The media reports that while 63 accounts in the list have been fully written off, 31 have been partially written off and six have been shown as non-performing assets (NPAs). As on June 30, 2016, SBI has written off Rs 48,000 crore worth bad loans.

This is another severe blow on the millions when they are still dilly-dallying in a queue outside the banks and post offices to exchange their hard-earned money due to demonetization by the Modi rule. While the life of a common man, farmers, labors, traders etc. has been in a turmoil and desperately running behind to safeguard their savings, the wilful defaulters are enjoying the loan waiver.

It seems that the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley trying to fool the people by saying that ‘written off is just the entry in the book that changes being performing asset to a non-performing asset’. SBI chairperson said “This (technical write-off) is merely an accounting entry which results in more focus and more sustained follow-up,”. All these sayings are ridiculous because loan written off is equivalent to loan waiver. It’s very dangerous that the Finance Minister and SBI chairperson are trying to fool the people by crookedly interpreting the term to satisfy the willful corporate defaulters. By making a write off entry, the loan due account will be deleted from the loan account. The term, whatever, the government using by the government like written off or waiver etc. from the corporate loan, will finally end up unrecovered. It’s a hard fact that the government is indulging only in its corporate interests and not in solving the issues of the common people and farmers. SDPI demands the government that instead of writing off or waiving off the loan account of corporate defaulters it should waive off the loan account of farmers and poor.

  1. Withdraw Demonetization

Regarding the midnight order of ‘destructive demonetization’ by the Narendra Modi rule, SDPI has demanded immediate rollback of the order. The resolution said: “This should be done forthwith as the demonetization to contain the Black Money menace is hitting the common and ordinary man most while the real sharks are sitting tight on their black money stashed away abroad or in bullion/real estate.

The party said the demonetization to crackdown on black money and corruption is a welcome step. However, without “Surgical strikes” against the wealthiest will only prove counterproductive in the long run. The huge black money holders may not even possess 500/1000 notes. They may have dollars, gold, property in India abroad etc. They are least affected by demonetization. The inflation will keep an upward trend and the economic disparity will keep growing.

The cause of the black money in our country is the nexus between politics and unaccounted money. Now, so long as electoral reforms are not initiated as suggested by the Election Commission of India which had pin-pointed it to short-circuit that nexus, curb on black money cannot be achieved. Somehow the black marketers in our country are ingenious than laws and politics and politicians are complicit in this.

According to an estimate about 5 per cent people or near about are having black money in our country. In order to catch them why the government of the day has made 95 per cent people to suffer. Can’t this ruling party devise any other innovative policy to meet its stated objectives to flush out the black money from the system? If democracy is for the people and by the people, then why the same people are made to suffer by any such ill-conceived policy on which power is entrusted to make their life less miserable.

The decision that has been taken under the cloak of nationalism smacks of autocratic rule and dictatorship. Is this not is an assault on the democratic structure of the country? Definitely those riding on the high horse of power have battered and bruised the edifice of democratic structure of the country.

The decision to de-monetize Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes is misconceived and will not address the problem of black money for the following reasons:

  1. If it is the Government’s case that high value denomination currency is used to hoard black money, then the decision to reissue new Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes does not make sense. Issuing even higher value Rs.2000 note is completely inexplicable and puzzling. 2.Black money is generated through evasion of taxes on income from lawful activities and money generated from illegal activities. In the absence of steps to curb the generation of black money, demonetization is a futile exercise, as it proved to be in 1978. 3. Only about 30 per cent of the Indian population has access to the banking system as per data compiled by the banking division of the finance ministry. Moreover, the distribution of banks is highly skewed with a third of all bank branches in only 60 Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities/towns. Consequently, people in rural India who often also suffer from inadequate information have become the worst victims of demonetization.
  1. Uniform Civil Code – A part of implementing RSS Agenda

India is a country with diverse culture customs and traditions. Being a nation as an abode of all religion of the world, it has the heritage of peaceful co-existence and harmony. Every religion in this country has its own customs and traditions which may be, sometimes, contradict to one another. However, the society itself respect this diversification and found no any harm or damage to the society. Now, after coming to power by the BJP it is trying to bind minority communities, especially Muslims through various means. The Central BJP governments recent effort to implement   Uniform Civil Code is a ploy to usher in Hindu Rashtra ideology in India from the back door.  The government is keen on implementing the RSS’s long time agenda to humiliate the rights of minorities by misinterpreting the constitution of the nation. No government has rights to pamper the rights to religion and other fundamental rights of the citizen of this country.

  1. Brutal Fake Encounters and Custodial Deaths

The nation was shocked to see the cold-blooded murder of 8 prisoners in broad daylight in Bhopal by the police and security personal.  It was very clear that the incident was nothing but a mass murder as the captives had no weapon with them during the incident and also, they were surrounded by the police with heavy arms. The prisoners can be very easily captured as they were raising their hands in surrender. The entire episode right from jail break to their murder seems perfectly pre-planned only to kill them mercilessly.

National Human Rights Commissions recent reports says during 10 years between 2004 to 2014 there were 1654 encounter killings and in 3years of 2013 – 2016 there were 1135 custodial deaths were reported.  These killings and deaths does not include the statistics of Jammu and Kashmir.  This is really a matter of concern.

The Bhopal fake encounter killings was also a dubious and stage managed. An impartial judicial enquiry only can reveal the entire conspiracies and criminal intent of the incident. No rights given to the police to kill any prisoner by judging themselves during the period under trial.  Presently, the MP govt has appointed a retired HC judge inquire the incident under the purview of the MP state govt, is not at all enough and not reliable. MP High Court should appoint a fresh commission under its purview with a time bound investigation. The Jail authorities and the police personnel involved in the killings should be dismissed immediately booking them under murder case and compensation should also to given to the victims’ families.

SDPI urges the Supreme Court to appoint special investigation team to probe all the recent encounter killings and custodial deaths.

  1. Ban on IRF and Misuse of Draconian UAPA law

Islamic Research Foundation; another victim of Communal Hatred and Muslim Hunt

The ban on Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) is another example of the Muslim hunt and communal hatred. This decision is nothing but another violation of constitutional rights and attack on Muslim identity in the country. The ban is imposed on flimsy grounds without evidence to substantiate that the organization is involved in any kind of anti-national or communal activities. Imposing UAPA on IRF is an indication that the BJP led NDA government is trying to scare Muslims not to preach and propagate their religion in the country.

The communal attack against the dissenting cults and voices has shamelessly being made when Islamic Research Foundation and its head Dr. Zakir Naik are made subject to the provisions of draconian UAPA while the Sri Ram Sene, Hindu Yuva Vahini, Sanathan Samstha, etc. with their open agenda and programs of hate and violence and the leaders of RSS-BJP and functionaries have been let loose unleash the reign of terror, cast and communal divide and social harmony.

The BJP led central government is trying to muzzle Islamic ideologues and aiming at communalization of Indian society and polarization of vote banks.  The draconian law UAPA has become a tool in the hands of successive governments for the social exclusion of targeted communities, push them behind the bars and to impose frightful bans to persecute them collectively.

  1. New Education Policy – 2016(Draft) is not at all acceptable

With regard to the NEP 2016 the SDPI feels concerned for the minorities. It requests to review and redraft NEP- 2016 keeping the spirit of inclusiveness of all sections of the society and by acknowledging the varied heritage of our country. If it is implemented and adopted in its present form, it will certainly do more harm than help the society. It will be detrimental to the interest of not only Minorities but also an effort to contravene the Constitution, disturb the secular fabric and the federal structure of the country.

The SDPI wants to remind that Sachar Committee and Ranganath Mishra Commission have represented their reports containing a detailed account of visible and invisible discrimination, marginalization and exclusion of Minorities, particularly Muslims in our country. Anything done in contrary to what these learned men have presented will only cause a great disservice to the nation.

The party wants to bring to the notice of the Union Minister for Human Resources Development, that replacing Indian history with mythology and the Indian philosophy with the Hindutwa ideology, Sanskritisation by promoting Vedic-culture and Gurukul traditions and making Yoga mandatory in schools are totally unacceptable to Minorities in general and the Muslims in particular.

So, if Draft NEP-2016 is implemented forcibly disregarding the plural nature of our nation, then the diversity of traditions and culture will be detrimental to the democratic ethos. Thereby, such policy will further push and become a cause of marginalisation leading to the exclusion of the Minorities.