Inaction of International Community on Rohingya Blood Bath in Myanmar is shameful and condemnable – SDPI

Social Democratic Party of India expressed its deep concern and anguish over ongoing massacre of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. Today the party held a massive agitation in front of the Embassy of Myanmar Chanakyapuri New Delhi, led by Party Vice President Advocate Sharufddin Ahmad with the participation of the party national office bearers and hundreds of cadres and members.

SDPI National President A. Sayeed in a press statement said, the pathetic and grievous condition of Rohinyas of Myanmar due to brutal onslaught by the Budhist extremists is agonizing and stirring the hearts.  Myanmar army under the command of its government and also Arakan Buddhists are annihilating Rohingyas in the Rakhine region. Since 2011 this pogrom continued causing thousands of Rohingya Muslims butchered, raped and the houses and Masjids were burnt to ashes.

Sayeed said, due to this unending and intensified horrific onslaught the Rohingyas fled from their homes and villages to the neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia and India. Thousands of Rohingyas were drowned while fleeing by boat through sea. The hapless Rohingyas fleeing from their own villages to a hundred of mile distance by walking through terrains and mud fields only to save their lives. Human rights of Rohingyas are absolutely being violated by the Myanmar Government, so much so that it still did not recognize them as their own citizens in spite their permanent residence in Myanmar for centuries.

Sayeed reiterated that refusing to give shelter to the migrated Rohingyas by the neighboring countries is also a cause of concern. He said, it is also condemnable that India, in spite of worst situation in Myanmar, has decided to relegate the migrated Rohingyas living in the country. Sayeed said, inaction by the international community on Rohingya blood bath in Myanmar is shameful and condemnable. It is very astonishing that UNO and developed countries have not taken this state sponsored terror situation into their concern seriously. Sayeed said, UNO should use its military force to combat the genocide of Rohingyas, recognize them as Myanmar Citizens and should take constructive relief and rehabilitation measures to Rohingyas immediately on war foot basis.

Party Vice President Adv. Sharufddin Ahmad, while talking to the media persons during the protest, said, SDPI demand that the recommendations of Kofi Annan Report must be taken up seriously to get them implemented in Myanmar. Sharfuddin expressed concern that the entire Rohingya population I being evicted, tortured and made to flee under the threat of being murdered.

During the agitation held in front of the Myanmar Embassy, Party General Secretary Muhammad Shafi strongly demanded that the rights of equality, dignity and jutice to Rohingyas’ be restored forthwith.

The party leaders submitted a Memorandum with the UN Resident Coordinator addressed to the Secretary General United Nations and a copy has been submitted with the Ambassador of Myanmar addressed to the country’s president.