New Delhi 10 March 2017: Social Democratic Party of India’s national president A. Sayeed stated that conviction of Prof. Saibaba on the allegation of connection with Maoists is another indication of intolerance of the government against voice of discent. Prof. Saibaba and his companions have been awarded life imprisonment on the charges of supporting the ideology of Maoists. Supporting an ideology, even that of a banned organization, could not be a crime and the Supreme Court itself has ruled in the past that it cannot be a reason for conviction without proof. Wheelchair bound Prof. Saibaba is an activist striving for the rights and privileges for the poverty ridden tribals, adivasis and rural folk. He always campaigned for the integrity of the nation and fraternity among the people.

A Sayeed, National President SDPI

Shockingly, the court has observed that Prof. Saibaba and his companions are responsible for the killings of people and destruction of public property in Gadchiroli District for a mere reason that they are members of a Maoist organization.  Mockingly, the verdict blames the team accountable for the backwardness of Gadchiroli district.

Sayeed reiterated that an appeal to higher court will definitely bring justice and hopefully will prove them innocent by considering all real facts and situations. He said any pressure and prejudice from the government and the agencies are condemnable and are against the ethics of human values.