The Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI), was founded on 21st June, 2009 as the political platform for the advancement of the people of India, particularly the weaker and marginalized sections of the society. The SDPI wants a complete revamp of the system. Grass root level democracy and empowerment of people are fundamental to this change. Social democracy to the SDPI is the belief that it is the basic duty of government and administration to ensure equitable distribution of the nation’s resources through state intervention without suppressing private entrepreneurship and initiative. So, the party proposes short-term and long-term measures which will ensure protection of rights, equity and justice. The party stands for a change in the political establishment to revise policies, plans and programmes in order to stop accentuation of economic disparities and to foster economic growth with justice. Social Democracy in the Indian context is also the ideological framework for adequate representation of all classes in legislature, executive and judiciary.

It is a common place now that all the secular parties have exploited the Muslim fear to get their votes without giving them adequate representation. On the other hand, Dalits and Backward Castes were betrayed by the leaders of the parties launched with declared objective of fighting for their rights. The formation of SDPI is an endeavour in positive politics committed to empower Muslims, Dalits and other deprived communities. It is time to bid goodbye to tactical voting and go for strategic plans designed to achieve adequate representation in the legislative bodies.

SDPI is a national political party, based on noble principles of honest leadership and constructive programmes.

 SDPI is an All India Party with inclusive vision and country wide structure to unite and integrate all sections of society and regions of the country.

 SDPI depends on collective decisions rejecting the practice of one person, family or coterie leadership.

 SDPI is a socio-political movement and keeps the workers active and involved in the matters of public importance even beyond the election periods in service of the needy and poor.

 SDPI is a cadre-based party that prepares members from grass roots to assume leadership to tackle social and political challenges.