Do not dictate what people should eat – SDPI held massive protest demonstrations several parts of the country against Centre’s beef ban notification

New Delhi, 02 June 2017: Massive protests were conducted by SDPI in several parts of the country in wake of the notification issued by the Union Ministry of Environment laying ban on bovines, including cow, buffalo and camel.

In a large public meeting held at Mangalore, party national general secretary Elyas Thumbe said, the Modi government’s all promises were absolute fake. The 15 lakh in each Indian’s account and several other commitments have proved to be damp squib. The Modi government, rather than working on the critical issue of the country like, education, unemployment, health and other important subjects, is indulged in politicizing petty issues to cover up its utter failure of the government during the last 3 years. Elyas charged the RSS led central government of polarizing the society by igniting communal passions, encouraging cow vigilantism and using government machinery to suppress the dissent.

Elyas Thumbe addressing a public meet at Mangalore

Two massive protest demonstrations were held by SDPI Bangalore at Russel Market Circle and City Corporation in the state capital against the recent notification of Union Ministry of Environment dictating ban on beef. The police was seen desperate in suppressing the voice of the victims of injustice meted out by the government. Police forcefully detained several activists at City Corporation including senior advocate S Balan and advocate Mohammed Tahir who were peacefully demonstrating against the beef ban.

A joint protest was organized by SDPI, Dalit and several secular organizations against the beef ban notification at the City Corporation Circle in Bangalore. The organizations who raised voice against the dictate of the Union government were Dalit Sangharsha Samiti, Samata Sainik Dal, Karnataka Rajya Ryta Sangha, CPI(ML) Liberation, Swaraj Abhiyan, Anti-Imperialist Movement, New Socialist Alternative, All India Central Council of Trade Unions, Komu Souhardha Vedike, Karnataka Jana Shakti and Students Islamic Organization.

Karnataka State President Abdul Hannan came down heavily upon the State Government for several SDPI leaders and cadres have been detained and sent to Judicial Custody. Hannan said, ‘it seems the unannounced emergency has been imposed under Modi rule and that the Congress government in the state is determined to act at the behest of the BJP government at the Center. Hannan urged the Siddaramaiah government in the state to follow Kerala with regards to the sale of beef ban.

SDPI activists organized rail-roko protest at Coimbatore

SDPI State Secretary Riyaz Farangipet slammed the Siddaramaiah led Congress government in the state for using police machinery to suppress voice of the peaceful protesters and warned of wiping out of the throne in the next assembly elections for acting soft Hindutva card by extending indirect support to the beef ban. Riyaz said, beef ban is a big-time drama by Modi led BJP government, it is laying ban on sale of beef in India and is busy exporting millions of tons of beef outside India. He urged the government to show courage to buy cow-urine and cow-dung at Rs. 500 per kilo gram and support farmers first before imposing the ban.

Madhya Pradesh State Vice President Irfan ul Haque, during a rally and mass protest held at Jabalpur, said, the RSS led Modi government at the Centre is hell-bent to destabilize the country.

Tamil Nadu State President KKMS Dehlan Baqavi, during a massive protest at Chennai said, reports of rampant lynching of Muslims and Dalits across the country show that as if the cow vigilantes have given the authority over law and order and the saffron goons are enjoying torturing and murdering innocents with full impunity. Baqavi appealed to the Tamil Nadu government to act like Kerala did against the cattle sale ban.

During a public meeting held to protest against the Centre’s beef ban notification at Mangalore, Karataka State Secretary Alphonso Franco said, under the present dispensation, the government has become, of the cow-by the cow and for the cow.

Apart from the party activists the agitation was participated by about 2,000 persons. Several SDPI cadres and leaders were arrested.

The party activists raised slogans against the Central Government for its dictatorial attitude towards laying ban on beef.

Protest held at Russel market Bangalore

Protest demonstration at Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh

Protest held at Chennai, led by State President Dehlan Baqavi