24 Nov 2016, Chennai: Social Democratic Party of India has held a meeting of National Working Committee (NWC) in Chennai on 23 Nov 2016 and deliberated on the issues relating to party as well as issues of public importance. The NWC thoroughly discussed the midnight demonetization on 8th Nov by which about 86.4% of currency was abruptly declared invalid ‘creating unprecedented panic, insecurity and sensation among the common people’ that is proving a damp squib. Whimsical and autocratic dictates have caused unparalleled discomforts and uncertainty throughout the country to the public as well as to democratic polity. The crony capitalism is at its pinnacles as Rs.7,014 crores declaring bad loans has been waived to some millionaires while unfortunately small agricultural holding farmers under petty debts are forced to commit suicides.

National Working Committee Meeting held at Chennai

National Working Committee Meeting held at Chennai

The anti-people policies and programs of the central government and thrusting of fake issues to deviate public attention from the real grievances has put the country in very undesirable situations. Uniform Civil Code is one of the issues as various cultural, regional and religious diversities are being targeted for saffronization and assimilation against the guarantees given in the constitution of India creating a stir in the majority of the population of the country.

Custodial killings and fake encounters have become an easy mode of and alternative to the administration of justice. The recent ones are 39 persons killing of Malkangiri and 8 under trials of Bhopal Central Jail, tearing the rule of law from the seams. The communal attack against the dissenting cults and voices has shamelessly being made when Islamic Research Foundation and its head Dr. Zakir Naik are made subject to the provisions of draconian UAPA while the Sri Ram Sene, Hindu Yuva Vahini, Sanathan Samstha, etc with their open agenda and programs of hate and violence and the leaders of RSS-BJP and functionaries have been let loose unleash the reign of terror, cast and communal divide and social harmony.  The communal programs have been carried since the formation of NDA govt. but now that are been institutionalized by the proposed New Education Policy of 2016.

SDPI since its formation, has been fighting against the menace, created by nexus of communalism and capitalism in India so that rule of law and social democracy may be strengthened and the constitution may be applied in the letter and spirit by uniting the people, educating and engaging them in the cause of democratic values and ethos. The NWC appeals to the people to continue the struggle to make India a just vibrant democracy.

The press conference was addressed by President A Sayeed, Vice Presidents Adv. Sharfuddin Ahmad, Prof. Dr. Naznin Begum and Tamil Nadu State President Dehlan Baqavi.