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SDPI to launch a nationwide campaign ‘Unite Against The Politics Of Terror’ on 8 April

New Delhi 24 March 2017: The democracy in India is passing through the time of trials wherein the questions raised on the process of election even the efficiency of Election Commission is also in the arena of questions.  Communal polarization, communal hatred and exclusive politics have entered into a new angles and dimensions. In UP a new game has come into existence where the chiefs of ‘Math’ and ‘Government’ has become one man and the CM’s residence has been converted to Mandir under the disguise of  ‘Bhagwa’. Not only the political and religious issues but also the attire of politicians have been polarized. The men who spewed venom in the election campaign have been portrayed as the heroes and leaders and communal harmony has been shattered into dust in the name of ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’. The slaughter houses in the cities have been forcefully shut without any proper transparent inquiry and procedure. They created an atmosphere of fear and helplessness to the poor by deceiving from their livelihood and sustenance through tyranny, whereas the Mechanical slaughter has been copiously facilitated by them without any restrictions to export the meat by slaughtering thousands of livestock. The so called encounter killings in Bhopal and Lucknow has created the mistrust and horror in the minds of people. The act of protecting the powerful people has created a state of insecurity by freeing the criminals even though they accepted their ghastly-inhuman crimes. The procedures of the judiciary are looked to make diverted by twisting the reports of investigation agencies. At the same time, it has become common that the innocents have been falsely fixed into serious cases and pushed into jails for a very long time. Even though proved innocents by the judiciary they were denied justice. When the people who connected to BJP caught in the crime of anti-national activities by keeping relation with ISI, they have been protected without charging them by applying anti-national charges. On the other side, the provisions of UAPA and AFSPA acts were imposed on the people on the grounds of religion and region.

SDPI General Secretary Muhammad Shafi in his address said, the nation is in a state of ambiguity as the transparency of EVMs are in question with growing un-satisfaction and the people in the country are raising their voice to re-instate the ballot paper polling system and the same has become a national issue. There is a growing sense of insecurity among minority communities and Dalits and the BJP with its affiliates are patronizing crushing of the freedom of expression along with the attempts of imposing the uniform civil code are being exerted and the campaign of deceiving and misleading the people is operational. It seems an atmosphere full of challenges has spread in the country in which Dalits weaker sections have been made the primary target. Witnessing of the recent communal tensions clearly evident that with the BJP’s takeover of the power in Uttar Pradesh, the communal elements received strong backing boosting their morale thereby completely ceasing the fear of law in them. The communal incidents seen in Bareily, Gorakhpur, Bulandshaher, Sidharnagar, etc. have created a wave of discontent, unrest and fear and such incidents are witnessed in other parts of the country as well.

SDPI is ready to sacrifice by all for the freedom of parliamentary democracy, unity among different sections of people and harmony and SDPI is appealing to all its workers to play its active role in strengthening the rule of law. With the purpose maintaining of spreading awareness about democracy, push aside concern of fear and promote secular atmosphere, the party has scheduled a nationwide campaign entitled “Unite Against the Politics of Terror”, which would be launched in a public meet on 8th of April 2017 at Mysore, Karnataka and concluded with a “Delhi Chalo” program on 29th of April 2017 in the national capital. Numerous programs would be conducted during the campaign, including public meetings, corner meetings, seminars, street dramas, etc. The programs would be participated by various organizations and prominent dignitaries. The press conference was also addressed by party’s national working committee member Adv. Sajid Siddiqui.

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SDPI to launch a nationwide campaign ‘Unite Against The Politics Of Terror’ on 8 April
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