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SDPI to Central Govt. – Act upon Mishra Report; SDPI’s top governing council resolves in its NWC Meet

30 April 2017, New Delhi: Social Democratic Party of India’s top governing council National Working Committee held its meeting on 30 April 2017 in the national capital and held serious deliberations on several critical issues concerning the present political turmoil in the country posing grievous threat to the unity of the country.

The subjects on which the top leadership contemplated on and came up with resolutions are:

  1. Reservation for Muslims in all states as in Telangana State
  2. Farmers’ Agony
  3. Babri Masjid Trial
  4. Milad u Nabi Holiday
  5. Anarchy
  6. Citizenship Amendment Bill
  7. Presidential Candidate
  8. EVM
  9. Repeal Enemy Property Bill
  10. Kashmir Imbroglio

Please note that the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) recently concluded its nationwide campaign “Unite against the Politics of Terror” in the national capital, sending strong signals to the Modi led NDA Government at the Center. The campaign’s purpose was to create awareness among the masses about various anti-people and anti-constitutional moves by the present dispensation at the behest of the peace and harmony in the society. On account of its conclusion, the party held the campaign’s conclusion program PEOPLE’S PROTEST at Jantar Matar which was attended to be several prominent activists and socio-political leaders. The Party had also observed 31st January 2017 as BLACK DAY across the country, holding massive agitations in several parts of the country and had strongly opposed to the destructive demonetization.

RESOLUTIONS passed in the National Working Committee Meeting held on 30 April 2017 at New delhi


SDPI Demands Reservations to Muslims in all states as given in Telangana: Sachar Committee as well as post Sachar evolution committees appointed by the Central Government have clearly given findings that Muslims are socially as well as educationally lagging behind even scheduled castes. The government of India has always been under procrastination on the subject, but Telangana Govt. has shown the way. The Central Govt. as well as other state governments must come to a uniform policy on the patter of Telangana to provide the reservation to most backward communities in terms of educationally, socially and economically by removing the legal obstacles.

The injustice caused to Muslims and Christians regarding Dalit reservation must also be removed forthwith. A well-meaning Ranganath Mishra Commission Report must be acted upon to create the social justice in the country.

Farmers Agony: SDPI demands that issues relating to farmers have been put to backburner in national policy. The grievances of farmers, particularly regarding loans must be properly be addressed. SDPI feels it deplorable that proper attention by the Central Government was not given to the grievances of Tamil and farmers agitating in Delhi for a long time. The farmers in entire country are compelled to commit suicide due to their financial difficulties which should be removed by the pro-active efforts including proper allocation of funds by the central government. SDPI demands that all the loans of farmers in both cooperative sector banks and National banks should be waived off fully.

Babri Masjid Trial: SDPI resolves that imbroglio of Babri Masjid has been pestering point in body politic of democracy and secularism of India till the issue is justifiably resolved, there may not be atmosphere of peace and harmony in the country. SDPI demands that after the order of the Supreme Court, adequate efforts should be made to prosecute the criminal cases. SDPI strongly favors that Supreme Court may not shun the responsibility to decide the title case regarding Babri Masjid and must take speedy proceedings to finalize it. SDPI calls upon all the political parties to resolve themselves to rebuild the Babri Masjid at the same place where it was situated.

Milad u Nabi Holiday: SDPI demands from the UP Govt. that the Milad-u-Nabi Holiday scrapped by the Yogi Govt. must be restored because this holiday is not only a birthday of a personality, is an event inseparable from their culture, likewise, other holidays retained by the Yogi Govt. as Krisha Janmashtami and Ram Navami.

Anarchy: SDPI strongly condemns the overall anarchy prevalent in all the parts of the country in the states ruled by BJP. The innocents, women, traders, youth belonging to minorities, particularly Muslims and Dalits are being openly attacked, sometimes in the presence of police. Since of the formation of the UP government it has multiplied in which police officials and civil servants are being terrorized by the goons displaying the support of political hi-ups sitting in governments. The pressure created by central ministers regarding the attacks in Agra ad Saharanpur are highly condemnable and the identification of Gau Rakshaks (cow vigilantes) with the cabinet minister in the government is also making dent in the rule of law.

Citizenship Amendment Bill: SDPI highly objects to the move by the Central Govt. to grant citizenship on the basis of religion to make provision to allow only Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Budhists, Parsis from Afghanistan, Pakistan Bhutan and Bagladesh debarring Muslims on religious basis which is entirely racist and discriminatory and against the value of Indian constitution.

Presidential Candidate: SDPI appeals to all secular parties opposing the communal force to form a united platform to fight out fascist menace in the country. SDPI expresses its favor that in the growing domination of communal forces, the secular parties should unequivocally must come together to field a common candidate for the post of president and vice president in the coming elections.

EVM: SDPI feels that the system of EVM doesn’t aspire confidence for the fair and impartial elections. The failure in installation of VVPTA is in all the constituencies in spite of the instructions of Supreme Court is highly unfortunate. SDPI feels that system of ballot paper must be restored to put confidence in to the electoral system of the country in view of the growing non confidence of EVM.

REPEAL ENEMY PROPERTY BILL: It’s unfortunate that the BJP government has passed this Enemy Property Bill through Money Bill which unfair in the democratic process.  The properties possessed by successors or progenies of the migrated people to Pakistan and Bangladesh are living in our country as Indian citizens by birth.  Seizure or forfeiting their properties only on the basis of hate or discrimination is nothing but denial of fundamental rights to our own Indian citizen.  SDPI condemns this discriminatory bill and demands all opposition parties to strive hard to repeal this black law.

KASHMIR IMBROGLIO: Violation of human rights, excess use of force and discriminatory policies of the governments made the life of common people as miserable and dreadful. This has been continuing since many decades. Instead of initiating talk with Kashmiris by the government, using of force to establish peace and normalcy is really uncalled for and inappropriate.  SDPI demands to initiate talks with Kashmiris to bring normalcy, peace and progress in the valley and to protect human rights and dignity.

Those participated in the meeting were Vice President Adv. Sharfuddin Ahamad, Gen. Sec Mohammad Shafi, Secretary Yasmin Farooqui, Kerala President Abdul Majeed Faizy, Tamil nadu President Dhehlan Baqavi, Karnataka President Abdul Hannan, West Begal President Tayedul Islam, Rajastha President Mohammad Rizwan, AP President Babibulla, Madhya Pradesh Presidt Adv Sajid Siddiqui, Uttar Pradesh President Mohammad Kamil, Members Afsar Pasha, Prof P. Koya, adv KP Mohammad Shareef, Dr Mahboob Shareef Avad, Omar khan, Abdul Latif. Abdul Majid, Nijam Mohiuyuddeen, Mubarak, MK Manoj Kumar,  Abdul Sathar ad Abdul Hameed.

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SDPI to Central Govt. – Act upon Mishra Report; SDPI’s top governing council resolves in its NWC Meet
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