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SDPI observed Black Day nationwide opposing Demonetization; called for united struggle against anti-people policies of the BJP Govt.

New Delhi, 31 Jan 2017: Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) is observing 31 Jan as BLACK DAY across the country in wake of Central Government’s dictation of destructive demonetization, its subsequent failure, ill-effects and continuation of miserable plight even after 50 days. On account of the day, the party is holding protest demonstration. On account of the day, the party organized protest demonstrations, public rallies, and human chains, distributed flyers and held poster campaign across the country.

Massive public rallies were conducted in Jaipur, Kota, Sawai Madhopur, Baraan, Bhilwara and Jodhpur districts in Rajasthan. Rajasthan State General Secretary Hafiz Mohammed Hanif who led rally in Kota slammed the Union Govt. for its unpreparedness prior to declaring the demonetization, pushing millions of citizenry spend days together on streets waiting in Bank/ATM queues.

National Secretary Abdul Waris led a protest at Kurnool Andhra Pradesh, came down heavily on the Prime Minister Modi’s decision of implementing the demonetization in the name of fighting black money whereas his own party colleagues were detained at several parts of the country with huge unaccounted cash of new notes worth crores. Modi brigade was already aware of the demonetization’s schedule and thus was able to settle their cash in time whereas the poor Indians were made to suffer even for little cash, Waris said while addressing the media persons. The protest was also held at Guntur, Yemmiganur and other assembly constituencies in Andhra Pradesh.

Black Day in Nanded Maharashtra

Massive Rally against demonetization organized in Kota Rajasthan

A massive public protest at Katihar was organized as part of the Black Day wherein Bihar State President Nasim Ahmed attacked the Union Government saying, it’s the BJP functionaries spent multiple crores of rupees purchasing lands in different parts of Bihar, which became evident with the authorities disclosing the alleged land deals. The day has been observed in Purnia and Kishanganj districts.

Large gatherings participated Black Day agitations in Indore, Sheopur and Bhopal of Madhya Pradesh. MP State President Adv. Sajid Siddiqui in a protest held at Bhopal termed Modi’s demonetization move as the biggest scam executed legally in the history of India.


SDPI Aurangabad, Mumbai and Nanded districts held protest demonstrations in the premises of district collectorate and submitted memorandum with the President of India petitioning the authority  to direct an independent probe into the destructive demonization by a high level Parliamentary committee.

Black Day in Jaipur Rajasthan

On this day SDPI Karnataka formed a human chain in Bangalore and conducted protest at Indian express Circle. While addressing the protest, SDPI national Gen. Secretary Elyas Mohammed Thumbey said, since the day the BJP Government came to power at the Centre, it has been busy implementing anti-policies which have ill-effects on people’s lives and with rhetoric it has been continuously been making attempts to impose cultural and political fascism in the nook and corners of our country by igniting communal passion. On the eve of 8 November Prime Minister Modi had pub a ban on notes of Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 500 without any prior-notice. Elyas Thumbe further said, this is not only an attack on the fundamental rights of citizens but is like instating an ‘Economic Emergency’ in the country. Leaders and a huge number of CPI(ML) cadres too backed the agitation held at Bangalore.

Black Day in Kerala. Party activists were detained by police in several districts in Kerala and released later.

State President Abdul Hannan, in his address during the protest said, with the announcement of demonetization, more than 60 rules were slapped within a period of 40 days pushing common people in to anxiety and trouble, causing economic emergency in the country. Hannan called upon all like-minded organizations and individuals to launch a joint struggle so as not to let the dictatorship prevail in a democratic system. He questioned the decision of shifting the facility of exchanging old notes till 31 March to RBI Chennai. The people are displeased with such decisions landing them into troublesome situations. The destructive demonetization has engulfed people’s lives in darkness for about 3 months and here we are observing the Black Day expressing our dissatisfaction. The massive agitation conducted at Bangalore was participated by National General Secretaries Elyas Thumbe and Afsar Pasha and the agitation was led by Karnataka State President Abdul Hannan. Apart from Bangalore, Tumkur, Raichur, Mysore, Chamrajnagar, Mangalore, Gulbarga and other districts too held rallies and demonstrations condemning demonetization.

Police resorted to lathi charge on peaceful protesters in Kerala

Black Day in Andhra Pradesh

The reasons BJP Government put before the nation with respect to enforcing demonetization have all proved to be ridiculous theories. With such an annihilative move, was there a need to push the public into the den of troubles? BJP would have declared its own sources of income and pressurized all other parties too to disclose the same and brought the political parties under the ambit of Right To Information (RTI Act.) had the BJP was so serious about the issue of black money. The demonetization has pushed our country into an economic emergency. Farmers, contractors, businessmen, labourers/workers, etc. have all been bearing the brunt of the destructive move by the Central Government. About 5 crore workers have lost jobs, business economy has touched depths and the country’s GDP is crumbling every day. The government has not only compelled the citizenry to deposit their savings but has also ceased their withdrawals limits, snatching away their fundamental rights.

SDPI Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Manipur, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh units too had organized protest demonstrations in the state capitals observing the Black Day. CPI (ML) leaders S. Balan and Shankar and heads of other organizations too addressed the protesters.

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SDPI observed Black Day nationwide opposing Demonetization; called for united struggle against anti-people policies of the BJP Govt.
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