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PM’s Israel visit is fraught with danger while Palestinians ignored: SDPI

PM’s Israel visit is fraught with danger while Palestinians ignored: SDPI

New Delhi, 06 July 2017:  The Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI), has taken strong exception to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Israel while avoiding any manner of contact with Palestinian political authorities or civil society. The party cautioned against the real danger of India’s burgeoning relationship with Israel.

SDPI national president A. Sayeed, in a statement lamented Modi’s visit to Israel, which is the first ever visit by an Indian Prime Minister, ignoring the Palestinians, whose nationalist cause is that of an international orphan, living on the West Bank and Gaza. His stepping foot on the Palestinian soil would have assuaged the feelings of the inhabitants who are perpetually living in war-like conditions in the face of marauding Israeli armed forces. In joining forces with USA and Israel, India is clubbing with killers. It is well known that American kill at will and there is no one to question them.

Sayeed said unlike previous visits by three Indian leaders —Modi’s visit is limited to Israel, and does not include Palestine.  He said, Modi meeting the Palestinians would have given a good message as after years of indulgence for Israel’s expansionist urges, the West is showing a faint glimmer of awakening to the disastrous denial of Palestinian rights. In circumstances where Israel’s intent to render Palestinians into a state of permanent displacement are abundantly clear, global civil society has stepped up to shame weak-kneed governments. The “boycott, divestment and sanctions” (BDS) movement was launched by a broad coalition of Palestinian civil society actors, to hold Israeli entities to account – where culpability was proven – for the occupation and the daily violations of the human rights of Palestinians.

Substantively, India’s relationship with Israel has been conducted under the shroud of national security, immune to public scrutiny and accountability. Credible stories have appeared in the Indian media that India has been shopping for surveillance systems to be deployed along its most sensitive borders, which would link into automatically triggered guns to stop any breaches. This would be similar to the weapon systems deployed by Israel along the apartheid wall that snakes through much of the West Bank, which kill indiscriminately, not sparing children who stray out of the narrow confines in which they are confined by the Israeli occupation, the statement stated.

Sayeed cautioned that the real danger of India’s burgeoning relationship with Israel is that Israeli equipment perhaps comes bundled with its doctrines and are designed for use against an occupied people and neighbors whose territorial integrity Israel has repeatedly violated with absolute impunity. These are a world removed from India’s security challenges and could end up compromising its interests.

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PM’s Israel visit is fraught with danger while Palestinians ignored: SDPI
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